PVAO secures Memorial Lot for Last 10 Living Heroes

In honoring the valor of World War II heroes in Nueva Vizcaya, the Provincial Veterans Affairs Office (PVAO) has successfully secured a memorial lot at the Heritage Memorial Park in Solano. This accomplishment comes as a result of the relentless efforts of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, particularly BM. Patricio F. Dumlao, Jr., in their commitment to preserving the legacy of the province’s brave veterans.

It can be recalled that BM Patricio F. Dumlao sponsored Resolutions numbered 4334 and 4344 both dated October 10, 2022, recognizing the gallantry, valor, and bravery of the 11 living heroes.

On August 18, 2023, the Nueva Vizcaya AFP Veterans Incorporated announced the awarding of a memorial lot to World War II hero Joseph P. Zuraek, known as “The Last Sentinel.” The awarded lot, numbered 199705, is situated within the Heritage Memorial Park. This initiative is driven by the province’s desire to ensure that the heroic deeds and sacrifices of the WWII veterans remain etched in Philippine history.

The late Joseph Zuraek, fought courageously during the 2nd World War and his sacrifices, along with his fellow veterans. The acquisition of the memorial lot not only honors Mr. Zuraek’s contributions but also serves as a tribute to all the surviving World War II heroes.

As part of the ongoing effort to perpetuate the memories of these valiant individuals, the movement for a memorial was proposed. This initiative seeks to establish a space that will serve as a repository of historical information and artifacts related to the heroes of World War II. The proposed Memorial will further increase the importance of remembrance and education.

In addition to honoring Mr. Zuraek, PVAO recognized the achievement of Frederick C. Serquina, the grandchild of World War II veteran Juan N. Serquina. Frederick successfully completed a degree in Bachelor of Science in Criminology at St. Mary’s University, benefitting from the PVAO’s educational assistance program. This program stands as PVAO’s support to the descendants of veterans who have dedicated their lives to the service of the nation.

As the last living heroes of World War II grow fewer in number, initiatives like the memorial lot and educational assistance programs stand as symbols of gratitude, respect, and remembrance. Through these efforts, the province of Nueva Vizcaya continues to pay homage to its history and the sacrifices that have shaped its present. /gloria/

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