Town History

Bayombong was established at the southeastern part of the present La Torre, where the Bayumbung River passes through. The name Bayombong came from the Gaddang word “Bayongyong” which means confluence of a mighty river. Another version has it that “bayongyong” refers to a bamboo, about 2 meters long, used to carry fresh water from wells built along river banks. 

As told, the Gaddanes never welcomed the arrival of the Maalates. This resistance triggered the first tribal war resulting from the Maalates retreat to nearby areas. On their retreat they left their valuable possession, their “Bayongyong”. The place was literally littered with so many abandoned Bayongyong. Since then, the place was named “Bayumbung”, as a fitting reminder to the Gaddanes of their first taste of victory over invasion of their private domains.

It was delightful for Spanish missionaries to see the natives parading in long queues with their “Bayongyong” filled with water on their shoulder. When asked by friars about the bamboo water containers, the carriers chorused “Bayongyong in response. For conveniences and for lack of fitting name, the Spanish friars baptized the place “Bayumbung” and later changed it to “Bayombong”.

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  • Don Domingo Maddela
  • Magsaysay
  • Bonfal East
  • Don Mariano Marcos
  • Masoc
  • Bonfal Proper
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  • District IV
  • Magapuy
Municipal Officials

Hon. Ralph C. Lantion
Municipal Mayor

Hon. Tony Bagasao
Municipal Vice Mayor

Hon. Ronald Allan A. Barnacha
Sangguniang Bayan Member

Hon. Elmer Villanueva
Sangguniang Bayan Member

Hon. Prescilla O. Marcos
Sangguniang Bayan Member

Hon. Elizabeth B. Tugab
Sangguniang Bayan Member

Hon. Cristina Soriano
Sangguniang Bayan Member

Hon. Nicomedes Palparan
Sangguniang Bayan Member

Hon. Edna Esteban
Sangguniang Bayan Member

Hon. George Burton
Sangguniang Bayan Member