Town History

The old town of Diadi was one of the barrios of Bagabag, Nueva Vizcaya, near Dipacol, now San Luis, through which he boundary line between Nueva Vizcaya and Isabela process. 

It was one of the places discovered by the missionaries’ in1740. The territory has been reached and explored by the cattle-owners, Francisco Panganiban, Jacinto Loggan, and Vicente Danguilan, in 1864. They found that this place was ideal for pasture. So they asked permission from the politico-military governor that they be allowed to use it for pasturing their cattle, and that the present pastures in Solano be given to the Ilocano immigrants, who would convert them into ricefields. This request was granted. 

In 1867, Fr. Julian Malumbres came to Diadi from Isabela, and brought along with him immigrants from Calanusian, Isabela, to live in this place. Then he proceeded southward to conquer the people of Bagabag, Lumabang, Bayombong, an Bambang. This conquest was to bring enough people to Diadi and organized it as a town. 

Diadi was first located at the foot of Namamparang Mountain. From here it was transferred to “Picat” where there was permanent camarin which was later called Diadi on May 22,1872 when it was made a town together with Ibung. 

Diadi and Balete were formerly barangays of the municipality of Bagabag. Because of the large area of Bagabag and the difficulty of the people from barangays Diadi and Balete going to the urban core, the people clamored for the separation of Diadi from Bagabag to become another municipality of the Province of Nueva Vizcaya. Seeing the wisdom of the request of the residents of the two barangays, Congressman Leonardo B. Perez of the lone District of Nueva Vizcaya field a bill in congress dividing the Municipality of Bagabag to pave the way for creation of Diadi as a Municipality. 

On July 17, 1967, Republic Act No. 4973 was approved separating Diadi from its mother municipality. The newborn municipality was name Diadi because it has a greater number of population than balete at that time and it is where the original seat of government was to be established.


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Municipal Officials

Hon. Sandy M. Gayaton
Municipal Mayor

Hon. Norma U. Miguel
Municipal Vice Mayor

Hon. Elena Llantada
Sangguniang Bayan Member

Hon. Jojo Cabezon
Sangguniang Bayan Member

Hon. Salvacion Gile
Sangguniang Bayan Member

Hon. Alanvil Tacadena
Sangguniang Bayan Member

Hon. Rhodora F. Bilog
Sangguniang Bayan Member

Hon. Rommel F. Cariño
Sangguniang Bayan Member

Hon. Marvic S. Padilla
Sangguniang Bayan Member

Hon. Froilan T. Madume
Sangguniang Bayan Member