Town History

As early as of 1960’s, Ambaguio was once part of the municipality of bayombong. Through Hon. Leonardo E. Perez, then Congressman of Nueva Vizcaya, Authored a bill seeking for the creation of Ambaguio into a independent municipality. The bill was approved on June 18, 1966 by virtue of republic act. No.4735 at the same year, Mr. Mariano L. Agnahe, The Incumbent barrio Lieutenant was appointed as the first mayor of the town. 

Ambaguio is a conglomeration of mountains, forest, rivers and lakes with a total land area of18,560 hectares. The place was once a place of wild animals like deer’s, pigs, ducks, and chikens. The original inhabitants of ambaguio are kalanguya, Ifugao’s and ibaloys who prefer to build their houses along the river valleys and plains.

The inhabitant sources of income are form practical farming, hunting and fishing. The people carry their farm products to market using bamboo baskets called “kayabang” passing through narrow foot trails. 

The tribes are united and organized themselves having a “Datu” as their leader. As told by lakay tagantang, the first datu, Ambaguio got his name from the word “Ambangiw” meaning moss which is prevalently found on bank of trees, stones, rocks, and top soils. Later, inhabitants by way of unanimous decision called the place “Ambaguio” which mean the land of mosses, and the climate similar to that of ambaguio meaning “Like Baguio”.

  • Ammueg
  • Poblacion
  • Napo
  • Salingsingan
  • Camandag
  • Labang
  • Tiblac
Municipal Officials

Hon. Arnold P. Dinungon
Municipal Mayor

Hon. Nardo C. Agnahe
Municipal Vice Mayor

Hon. Bae C. Manghi
Sangguniang Bayan Member

Hon. Melanie E. Tidong
Sangguniang Bayan Member

Hon. Rogelio L. Minas
Sangguniang Bayan Member

Hon. Decoran G. Allawas
Sangguniang Bayan Member

Hon. Geraldo D. Lino
Sangguniang Bayan Member

Hon. Mario P. Tayaban
Sangguniang Bayan Member

Hon. Mando B. Balaso
Sangguniang Bayan Member

Hon. Philip Ceasa Abiado
Sangguniang Bayan Member