The 15th GAF features choral and dance competitions

The vibrant 15th Grand Ammungan Festival introduced a new highlight to its festive lineup, the Bailes Y Canciones, showcasing a choral and creative dance performance among universities and colleges in the province held on May 21, 2024, at the Nueva Vizcaya Convention Center.

Winners of the Bailes Y Canciones competition proudly celebrate their victories with Governor Atty. Jose V. Gambito and the Grand Ammungan Committee headed by Ruth R. Padilla at the Nueva Vizcaya Convention Center on May 21, 2024. More photos here:

The competition aims not only to entertain but also to honor and display the province’s unique cultural heritage through music and dance and foster unity among the diverse communities in the province.

The choral competition showcased remarkable vocal talent, with PLT College taking the championship. Their harmonious rendition of “Tamli,” originally performed by the local band Hibla, captivated both the judges and the audience. Saint Mary’s University (SMU) secured the first runner-up position with a powerful performance of the Filipino classic “Nosi Balasi” by Sampaguita, highlighting their vocal prowess. Nueva Vizcaya State University (NVSU) completed the top three with a spirited and melodious presentation of the Filipino rock song “Noypi” by Bamboo.

In the creative dance category, SMU took the top spot with a performance that brilliantly fused traditional movements with modern choreography. The NVSU dancers, awarded first runner-up, showcased an energetic routine that paid homage to their tribal roots. PLT College secured the second runner-up with a performance that demonstrated both grace and cultural depth.

Governor Atty. Jose V. Gambito, who graced the event, expressed his pride in the participants and emphasized the importance of such cultural celebrations in promoting unity and understanding among the province’s diverse ethnic groups.

“Our diversity is our strength, and events like this remind us of the beauty in our differences,” he said.

The festival remains an essential platform for cultural expression and community engagement in the province. With its resounding success, Bailes Y Canciones is poised to become a staple in future editions, fostering a deeper appreciation for the rich tapestry of traditions that define the region. /cqc NaturallyVibrantNuevaVizcaya #FeelTheVibeVizcaya #GayyemtiUmili

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