PHRMO facilitates AOs’ year-end activity anew

The Provincial Human Resource Management Office (PHRMO) headed by Dr. Ma. Carla Lucia M. Torralba spearheaded a Year-End Assessment for Administrative Officers (AOs) of the Provincial Government of Nueva Vizcaya (PGNV) on November 30 – December 1, 2023, at the Fulgueras Resort in San Felipe, Zambales.

This annual activity, where administrative targets-accomplishments are reviewed and evaluated, serves several purposes, and offers several benefits as well.

Specifically, it aims to address or accomplish the following objectives: Evaluate the performance and effectiveness of administrative processes and practices during the year; Review the progress made towards achieving administrative goals and objectives set at the beginning of the year; Assess the responsibilities and tasks handled by administrative staff and their outcomes; Provide constructive feedback to administrative employees, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement; Give recognition to outstanding performance and achievements of administrative staff, boosting morale and motivation; Plan for the upcoming year by identifying areas that need improvement, setting new goals, and allocating resources accordingly; Provide a comprehensive overview of administrative processes and identify areas of inefficiency or potential risks; Knowledge-sharing on performance, challenges, and solutions; and Create opportunities for professional growth and development by identifying training needs and areas where additional skills can be acquired, among others.

Overall, the PGNV’s year-end assessments of administrative accomplishments enable it to reflect on the administrative systems and functions of its various offices, improve intra- and inter-organizational processes, and enhance the overall performance of the administrative teams. It encourages a culture of continuous improvement of administrative and related support functions, leading to increased efficiency and effectiveness of the implementation of mandated programs, projects, and activities of the PGNV taken as a whole.

The resource persons in this year’s activity dealt mainly with recent updates on significant policies, systems, and procedures of the PGNV, along with certain issuances of concerned national government agencies, to wit:

* AO V Allen E. Navarro: Latest requirements for the renewal and releasing of appointments of Casual and COS employees, and requests for posting and publication of the vacant positions in their respective offices;

* HRMO IV Cecilia C. Felipe of the Discipline Division: Strict observance of the policies on the Flag Raising Ceremony, i.e., AOs should state the time of attendance at the end of the “Panunumpa ng Kawani” and for all personnel not to leave until the ceremony is over, pursuant to Memorandum No. 626 of the Office of the Provincial Administrator;* HRMO II Renz Brainerd R. Cachola of the Benefits and Welfare Division: Non-permanent employees are not allowed to go on vacation leave for one month or more, as that is contrary to the COA AOM, dated March 19, 2015, which stresses that the hiring of Casuals and COS is intended to support other services that are beyond the workload of permanent employees;

* Provincial Budget Officer (PBO) Virginia N. Iglesias: Updates on the budget and procurement planning for the current and ensuing year – upgrading of the PGNV’s salary scale from 95% to 100% as a consequence of the conversion of Nueva Vizcaya to a first-class province, and the possible benefits for December 2023, i.e., Productivity Enhancement Incentive (PEI), Service Recognition Incentive (SRI), and Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA);

* Provincial Information Technology Division (PITD) Chief Sherlyn B. Fernandez: Updates and clarifications on the PGNV’s Online Financial Management Information System (OFMIS), Nueva Vizcaya Human Resource Information System (NVHRIS), and Document Management System (DMS); and

* HRMO IV Cyd Joan O. Simbala: Presentation-cum-workshop/brainstorming on the PGNV’s General Administrative Support Services (GASS) Matrix, and Quality, Quantity, and Timeliness (QQT) for Office Performance Commitment Review (OPCR) which were recently approved by the Performance Management Team (PMT).

The AOs finalized their workshop outputs that show their aligned office goals and objectives vis-à-vis the latest GASS Matrix and QQT. Their outputs will then be presented to the PMT for approval as standard performance targets/measurements for AOs.

Highlighting the socialization portion of the 2-day activity, where the AOs had fun and relaxation, were the awarding of the best AOs of the year 2022, a tribute to retiring AO V Milagros A. Sicat of the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office (PSWDO), exchanging of gifts, awarding of the best-dressed participant, and the intermission numbers rendered by the Forever Young Group. #mccd

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