CARiton N CARabao:Gov. Gambito’s Innovative Approach to Tradition and Sustainability in Nueva Vizcaya

In the bustling Capitol of Nueva Vizcaya, a unique sight greets tourists and locals alike. Amid the modernity, a carabao-drawn carriage, locally known as the “Karitela,” roams the streets. This innovative approach to transportation is the brainchild of Gov. Jing Gambito, serving as a testament to the province’s rich cultural heritage and a symbol of sustainable transport.

The carabao, a hardworking and resilient beast of burden, has long been an iconic figure in the Filipino agricultural landscape. In Nueva Vizcaya, under Gov. Gambito’s leadership, the carabao takes on an additional role as a key player in the province’s tourism industry. Gambito proudly shares that the carabao symbolizes not just hard work and resilience, but also optimism, embodying the spirit of the Novo Vizcayanos.

Gov. Gambito’s initiative, the Cariton or Karitela which used to be the transportation for the people and their agricultural produce, is not just a novelty for tourists. It is an integral part of the local transportation system, ferrying both tourists and Umili – the local term for residents – around the Capitol. The use of this traditional mode of transport is a conscious effort by the governor to preserve local culture while promoting eco-friendly practices.

The carabao-drawn carriage offers a multitude of benefits. For one, it draws no expenses on gasoline, a significant advantage in a world grappling with the rising cost of fossil fuels. The Karitela also requires very minimal maintenance costs, making it a cost-effective alternative to motorized vehicles.

The Novo Vizcayanos have lauded Gov. Gambito’s initiative for its economic and environmental benefits, but perhaps its most significant contribution is the way it seamlessly blends tradition and sustainability. The Karitela is a reminder of the province’s roots, its connection to the land, and the enduring spirit of its people.

Under Gov. Gambito’s leadership, the Karitela stands as a shining example of how tradition can be harnessed for progress. It is a testament to the Novo Vizcayanos’ commitment to preserving their heritage and their environment. The carabao may be a symbol of hard work, resilience, and optimism, but in Nueva Vizcaya, thanks to Gov. Gambito, it is also a symbol of a sustainable future. /rmi

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