PHB meeting advances healthcare initiatives

Governor Jose V. Gambito presides over the PHB Meeting on October 23, 2023 at the Paniqui Hall, New Executive Building, Provincial Capitol. Assisting him is Dr. Anthony F. Cortez, PHO II.

 PHB meeting advances healthcare initiatives

The Provincial Government of Nueva Vizcaya, under the leadership of Governor Jose V. Gambito, is committed to improving the healthcare services provided to its residents. As part of this endeavor, the Provincial Integrated Health Office (PIHO) recently organized a Provincial Health Board (PHB) meeting on October 23, 2023 at the Paniqui Hall, New Executive Building, Provincial Capitol.

As Chairman of the PHB, the esteemed Governor Jose V. Gambito presided over the meeting, with the support of Dr. Anthony F. Cortez, Provincial Health officer II in the role of Vice Chair.

During the PHB meeting, several crucial topics were addressed to enhance the healthcare infrastructure and services in Nueva Vizcaya. Here are the key discussions and decisions made during the meeting:

1. Presentation of the HCPN Manual and Updating of PHB Resolution No. 11, S 2021, Resolution approving and adopting the Health Care providers’ Network (HCPN) Manual of Operations for the Province of Nueva Vizcaya.

2. Resolution Institutionalizing the Philippine Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response System (PIDSR). The adoption of the PIDSR Manual of Procedures – 3rd Edition, along with the allocation of necessary funds, will strengthen disease surveillance and response capabilities in the province.

3. Adoption of Client Satisfaction Survey Technical Guidelines. To ensure the continuous improvement of healthcare services, the PHB approved and adopted the client satisfaction survey technical guidelines and forms of the Nueva Vizcaya Integrated Health Care Provider Network Provincewide Health System. This will enable the collection of valuable feedback from patients and help identify areas for improvement.

4. Introduction of Warehouse Operation Manual (WOM). A resolution was presented concerning the adoption and implementation of the warehouse operation manual (WOM) in the Province of Nueva Vizcaya. This manual will streamline the management and operations of healthcare supply warehouses, ensuring efficient distribution and inventory management.

5. Appointment of Management Support Unit (MSU) Personnel.  The PHB addressed the request for a copy of the office order designating or appointment letter for hiring the following Management Support Unit (MSU) personnel: Accountant II, Administrative Officer II, and Liaison Officer (Administrative Assistant III). This step will strengthen the administrative support system within the healthcare infrastructure.

Apart from the key topics mentioned above, the PHB meeting also included discussions on three other important matters: 1. Health Facility Development Plan. The development plan for health facilities in Nueva Vizcaya was discussed during the meeting. This plan aims to improve existing healthcare infrastructure and establish new facilities to meet the growing healthcare needs of the province; 2. Annual Operations Plan 2024. The PHB meeting provided an opportunity to discuss the Annual Operations Plan for the year 2024. This plan will outline the strategic goals and objectives for the upcoming year, ensuring the effective implementation of healthcare initiatives; 3. Bagabag District Hospital Concerns. Concerns related to the Bagabag District Hospital were addressed during the meeting. This allowed stakeholders to discuss and find solutions to any challenges faced by the hospital, ensuring the provision of quality healthcare services to the community.

The PHB meeting showcased the commitment of the provincial government to improve healthcare services. Through the discussions and decisions made during the meeting, the healthcare system in the province will be further strengthened. The PHB members agreed to hold the next meeting in November, emphasizing their dedication to continuous improvement and collaboration in providing quality healthcare to the residents of Nueva Vizcaya. #mvs

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