Sta. Fe entry bags, Idol kong Pamilya 2023

“A family that saves, a value that engraves forever,” appears to be embraced by Mr. and Mrs. Ano L. Sagyawan, the 2023 Idol Kong Pamilya grand winners from Sinapaoan, Sta. Fe, as evidenced during the awarding ceremony of the National Children’s Month celebration at the Nueva Vizcaya Convention Center on November 29, 2023.

Mr. and Mrs. Ano L. Sagyawan instill the importance of financial responsibility in their children, encouraging them to save a portion of their school funds for purchasing school supplies and other necessities. They also impart the value of entrepreneurship to their children. During the weekends, the children engage in selling honey in their area.

Securing the position of first runner-up, Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Maro Sr. of Barangay Macalong in Kasibu showcased financial discipline, managing their finances adeptly. Despite having a seasonal source of income, they were able to save money for the future of their children.

Mr. and Mrs. Mariano P. Gandeza Jr. from Duruarog placed second runner-up. For the family, education also holds significant importance, as evident in their children’s eagerness to attend classes despite the distance between their house and the school.

Mr. and Mrs. Gandeza sell vegetables, dried fish, frozen products, and other products to provide for their family.

The winners received livelihood assistance, plaques of recognition, and a chance to be an entry in the Idol Kong Entrepreneur next year. Non-winners also received a cash incentive and a certificate of recognition.

The search for Idol Kong Pamilya serves as a poverty alleviation initiative dedicated to enhancing the lives of Novo Vizcayanos by providing and supporting various livelihood projects. /cqc

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