PGNV’s “Bible Reflection Hour” Program extended

The Provincial Government of Nueva Vizcaya PGNV), through the Office of the Provincial Administrator (OPA), has announced the continuation of the “Bible Reflection Hour” program from January to June 2024. The program, which is part of the Moral Recovery Program Office, began in 2022 and ran through 2023.

The continuation of the program was approved by Governor Atty. Jose V. Gambito, following a request from Mr. Napoleon V. Pacarit, the Acting Values Formation Officer. The “Bible Reflection Hour” (BRH) emphasizes the importance of discipline, diligence, love for God and country, and goodness for all.

The announcement carries the endorsement of Jovito Celestino, Assistant Provincial Administrator and Officer-in-Charge of the OPA. His leadership underscores the importance of spiritual nourishment in the workplace, promoting a positive and values-driven atmosphere.

The directive is acknowledged by Governor Atty. Jose V. Gambito who recognizes the significance of initiatives that contribute not only to professional growth but also to the overall well-being of government officials.

The program’s continuation was announced in Advisory No. 0117-2024, dated January 17, 2024, and issued to all office heads, hospital chiefs, and division heads of the provincial government. The advisory encourages all to give due attention to the program.

Commencing in January and extending through June 2024, the program aims to deepen the spiritual and moral foundations of those in key administrative roles. This extension aligns with the Provincial Government’s unwavering dedication to the holistic development of its workforce.

The BRH is not merely a routine, it is a concerted effort to instill values such as discipline, diligence, love for God and country, and a commitment to goodness for all employees holding leadership positions. The program recognizes the importance of nurturing these virtues to create a workplace that reflects the core values upheld by the people of Nueva Vizcaya.

The BRH is seen as a significant initiative in promoting moral values among the staff of the provincial government. Its continuation is expected to further enhance the moral recovery efforts in the province. #mvs

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