PGNV holds an “innovative” Earth Day celebration

PGNV holds an “innovative” Earth Day celebration

The province of Nueva Vizcaya headed by Governor Carlos M. Padilla joined the whole world in celebrating Earth Day last April 22.

This is in pursuance of Proclamation No. 1481-S2008, and SP Ordinance No. 108-2014, otherwise known as “The Provincial Environment Code of Nueva Vizcaya”, which provides guidelines for the localized implementation of the annual event that started way back in 1970.

On this year’s Earth Day, the world united behind the theme, “Invest in Our Planet”, as the United Nations Foundation (UNF) urged organizations and individuals alike to devote far more resources toward a more sustainable way of living and to cooperate in the concerted efforts of attaining “net-zero greenhouse gas emissions” by mid-century to keep the global temperature below the critical 1.5°C threshold.

The UNF, a major enabling arm of the umbrella UN Organization in bringing together ideas, people, and resources needed to drive global progress and tackle urgent problems, has identified seven (7) strategic domains in which humanity can invest, namely: Renewables and energy efficiency; Clean transportation; Food and agriculture innovation; Nature-based solutions; Indigenous communities; Girls and women; and Peace.

In her Governor-approved Memorandum Order No. 2022-09, dated April 19, 2022, Provincial Administrator Maybelle Dumlao Sevillena enjoined all offices and hospitals of the provincial government, as well as national government agencies, to strictly comply with the shared “commitment to reducing energy/power consumption”, which includes the shutting off of electric lights, fans, and airconditioning units in offices from 4:00-5:00 PM.

PA Sevillena, also added that part of the celebration is the conduct of Earth Day activities involving the respective personnel of the said government offices, and those who wish to participate will have to submit attendance sheets and documentation of their “creative initiatives” for consolidation by the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENARO) headed by For. Tito A. Tanguilig.

Accordingly, practically all offices of the Provincial Government of Nueva Vizcaya (PGNV) increased their adornments consisting of a variety of indoor ornamental plants, which they said are: Aesthetically appealing; Climate/temperature regulators and air purifiers; Major stress relievers; and Quality of space enhancers.

As a matter of habit, electric lights, fans, and airconditioning units were shut off from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM, or even earlier, depending on the prevailing office lighting and temperature conditions, and, during other office hours, some electric lights, fans, and airconditioning units were even shut off, especially those that are not so much needed.

IEC materials on the annual Earth Day Celebration and other Environmental Programs of the PENARO, along with the nature-based promotional activities of the Provincial Tourism and Culture Office, were posted on the official website of the Provincial Government of Nueva Vizcaya, as well as large social media group accounts/pages.

The PGNV offices also intensified the use of paperless facilities for project collaborations and group interactions, such as the use of the Messenger chat group facility for interactions among personnel and cloud computing, i.e., Google Drive, for various office functions.

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