Kasibu launches Citrus-based tourism circuit

Kasibu launches Citrus-based tourism circuit

Responding to the invitation of Kasibu Mayor Romeo C. Tayaban, a composite delegation of local tourism industry key players joined in the launching of their municipality’s “Citrus Farm Tour and Citrus-picking Experience” Tourism Circuit on September 28, 2022.

This tourism and product promotion package of Kasibu is part of its array of development programs, projects, and activities (PPAs) for its flourishing flagship commodity that prompted the Department of Agriculture to declare it as the “Citrus Capital of Luzon”.

It is also a component of the province’s overarching “Feel the Vibe Vizcaya” Tourism Strategy as spelled out in its Tourism Development Plan covering the period CY2023-2028.

The activity, which highlighted Kasibu’s celebration of Tourism Month, involved visits to five (5) selected Citrus orchards across the LGU, namely: GL Cumila Citrus Farm, SR Citrus Farm, EHB Citrus Farm, LCN Citrus Farm, and Dulnuan Citrus Farm.

It also served as a forum for knowledge sharing between the farm owners/managers and members of the delegation led by Provincial Tourism Council (PTC) Chairperson Ruth Raña Padilla, and Board Members Eunice Galima Gambol and Roland M. Carub, Chairpersons of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan’s Committee on Tourism, Culture, and the Arts, and Committee on Trade, Commerce, Industry, and Cooperatives, respectively.

Vice Mayor Alberto D. Bumolo, Jr. who led the hosts warmly welcomed and thanked the visitors for joining them in their celebration. He also expressed their collective appreciation and gratitude for the support of the provincial and national governments and private sector institutions, as he called for stronger and sustained partnerships for the development and growth of their Citrus industry, which could possibly propel further their LGU to eventually become the country’s Citrus Capital.

PTC Chairperson Padilla, who also once served as Governor of the province and OIC-President of the Nueva State State University (NVSU), spoke about the Citrus-related research programs of the University, and the various forms of assistance extended to the municipality by the Provincial Government during her administration and under the leadership of the incumbent governor, who happens to be her husband. She said that they both support the idea of engaging the farmers themselves in the planning and implementation of PPAs that involve or affect them.

Ms. Marichelle O. Costales, Acting Chief of the Provincial Tourism and Culture Office (PTCO) that played a significant role in coordinating the day’s activity, assured of their office’s continuing support to the tourism PPAs of the municipality.

Kasibu’s Citrus industry is indeed promising, as evidenced by some of its members who have become millionaires. Most of them have even diversified to maximize the productivity of their landholdings, thereby increasing further their household income and generating more employment opportunities for their community.

The participating farm owners/managers were glad to share that they are confident in the continuity of their initiatives as their children and other relatives have also joined them in managing their farms. They reiterated, however, their call for certain interventions from concerned institutions, like improving farm-to-market roads, and provision of farm technologies and marketing assistance, among others.

Some members of the visiting delegation also suggested more government scholarship slots for agriculturally-inclined students, technical assistance in processing Citrus products, farm-product certifications, like the PhilGAP of the DA-BPI, and closer tie-ups with the Education Sector and media.

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