NVOPP bares accomplishments

NVOPP bares accomplishments

The province’s Office of the Provincial Prosecutor (NVOPP), which sponsored the Flag Hoisting Ceremony of the Provincial Government of Nueva Vizcaya (PGNV) held on March 27, 2023 at the People’s Stage-Quadrangle, Provincial Capitol, presented its accomplishments for the year 2022.

The 2022 Accomplishment Report of the NVOPP headed by Provincial Prosecutor Emerson A. Turingan disclosed that its 14 Prosecutor-Officers have so far handled a total of 1,908 cases, broken down as follows: 576 Convictions, 937 Preliminary Investigations, and 395 Inquests.

The provincial office of the Bureau of Fire Prevention (NVBFP) headed by Provincial Fire Marshall Supt. Allan M. Eballar also took the occasion to award the winners of its Drawing, Poster Making, and Photography contests. (See related story – https://www.facebook.com/groups/Beloved.Nueva.Vizcaya/permalink/6176513512395541/)

Leading the conduct of the early morning activity were newly appointed Prosecutor II – Assistant Provincial Prosecutor Milagros Figueras-Cacacho and Administrative Officer III – Records Officer Elnora B. Hermoso.

The ceremony was attended by national and provincial government officials and personnel led by: Board Member (BM) and Floor Leader Patricio F. Dumlao, Jr.; BM Roland M. Carub, BM Eufemia A. Dacayo; BM Florante S. Gerdan; BM Pablo P. Kindot; BM and Presiding Officer Pro Tempore Elma Pinao-An Lejao; BM Primo Percival J. Marcos; and Ex officio BM/Provincial Indigenous Peoples Mandatory Representative Samuel G. Balinhawang.

The NVOPP is part of the nation’s official prosecutorial agency which is a quasi-judicial organization under the Department of Justice that is also expected to deal with the fair execution of laws. It draws mandate from Republic Act No. 10071, otherwise known as the “Prosecution Service Act of 2010”, to wit:

“SEC. 9. Powers and Functions of the Provincial Prosecutor or City Prosecutor. — The provincial prosecutor or the city prosecutor shall:

  • Be the law officer of the province or city, as the case may be;
  • Investigate and/or cause to be investigated all charges of crimes, misdemeanors, and violations of penal laws and ordinances within their respective jurisdictions, and have the necessary information or complaint prepared or made and filed against the persons accused. In the conduct of such investigations, he/she or any of his/her assistants shall receive the statements under oath or take oral evidence of witnesses, and for this purpose may by subpoena summon witnesses to appear and testify under oath before him/her, and the attendance or evidence of an absent or recalcitrant witness may be enforced by application to any trial court; and
  • Have charge of the prosecution of all crimes, misdemeanors, and violations of city or municipal ordinances in the courts at the province or city and therein discharge all the duties incident to the institution of criminal actions, subject to the provisions of the second paragraph of Section 5 hereof.”

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