ManCom prioritizes PGNV’s PAPs for 2023

ManCom prioritizes PGNV’s PAPs for 2023

The Management Committee (ManCom) of the Provincial Government of Nueva Vizcaya (PGNV) headed by Governor Carlos M. Padilla convened on January 6, 2023 at the Ammungan Hall, Provincial Capitol to prioritize programs, projects, and activities (PAPs) that will be implemented by the different PGNV offices, alongside their respective partner agencies and institutions, during the year 2023.

Also joining were Provincial Administrator Maybelle Dumlao Sevillena, and members of the ManCom’s adjunct Technical Working Group led by Provincial Planning and Development Coordinator Edgardo D. Sabado who, along with other point persons, reported on the outputs and processes that have so far been undertaken by both the executive and legislative branches of the PGNV in relation thereto.

The ManCom was apprised of and tackled the proposed initial deliverables of the PGNV for the year, which include: a multiyear program of priority PAPs; a 3-year rolling priority list of capital expenditures; individual and consolidated funding requirements of the prioritized PAPs; and certain partially assumed/implemented short- and long-term functions, services, and facilities components of priority PAPs that will then be fully implemented.

Gov Padilla stressed among the participants the need to focus on the mandates of their respective offices and be mindful of the overarching policy direction and development agenda of the province at large, through the PGNV’s PRAYERS N FAITH platform of governance and public administration, while also considering the relevant PAPs of the component municipal and barangay government units, as well as those of concerned national government agencies, particularly in regard to their devolved PAPs.

“In prioritizing the implementation of PAPs, given the limited resources of the PGNV, I advise that you be guided by three Is, i.e., Is it necessary?, Is it beneficial?, and Is it practical?”, he added.

The PGNV’s ManCom also took cognizance of the newly crafted Executive-Legislative Agenda (ELA) 2023-2025 that serves as its guide in steering the Provincial Government as a “leading government unit that ensures inclusive development and a better quality of life for its people.”

This Agenda and all other plans of the PGNV are aligned with the province’s Vision Statement, set forth by key development stakeholders, which expresses the aspirations of the people of Nueva Vizcaya, i.e., “Nueva Vizcaya: A Watershed Haven with Balanced Eco-Systems, where Spiritually, Socially, Politically, Culturally, and Economically Empowered People Live in Peaceful, Prosperous and Resilient Communities and Environments”.

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