Governor’s message on the 2022LEP

Governor’s message on the 2022LEP

Here are the salient points of the message of Governor Carlos M. Padilla relative to the proposed Local Expenditure Program for the Fiscal Year 2022 (2022LEP) of the Provincial Government of Nueva Vizcaya (PGNV) with a total appropriation of P2,289,712,271.72, pursuant to Section 318 of RA 7160 otherwise known as the Local Government Code of 1991, and in accordance with DBM Local Budget Memorandum No. 82 dated June 14, 2021, and Local Budget Memorandum No. 80-A dated August 19, 2021, among others. The passage of a covering Ordinance was approved by the SP on December 20, 2021.

The aggregate estimated revenue for the 2022LEP is anchored on the ruling of the Supreme Court (SC) on the Mandanas-Garcia Case that directly increases resources for Local Government Units (LGUs) as a result of a larger base for the computation of their Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA), which is now known as National Tax Allotment (NTA). Although LGUs expect to receive an incremental NTA equivalent to 40% of tax collections which were previously not part of the base, the issuance of Executive Order No. 138 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations mandating the full devolution of certain services and facilities from the national government to LGUs, exacerbated by the expected decrease in local revenues brought about by the ongoing pandemic, the gains from that SC decision have been easily eaten up.

Due to economic difficulties, it is anticipated that local income would decrease by 16.83% despite the intensified implementation of updated legislative measures. Nevertheless, the Province will remain undaunted as, in fact, it even emerged as one of the top ten (10) high performing provinces in the entire country, both in terms of Collection Efficiency and Year-on-Year Growth in Locally Sourced Revenues.

In its continuing effort to decrease its dependence on NTA, the PGNV shall again endeavor to explore and develop additional sources of local income to realize or even surpass its projected income for FY2022. It will help improve local economic enterprises as additional sources of local income, vigorously implement the Public-Private Partnership Code and Provincial Investments and Incentives Code to harness the opportunities that these two Ordinances provide, and strengthen its income collection efforts in general.

The PGNV, in performing its catalytic and steering roles in provincial development as manifested in its 2022 Annual Investment Program (AIP), aims to attain the following provincial goals and outcomes that are spelled out in its Provincial Development and Physical Framework Plan (PDPFP) 2017-2030: Zero Poverty; Inclusive wealth generation; Improved environmental quality and natural resources management; Inclusive quality education; Disaster and climate change resilient communities and environment; Quality health and well-being of the province’s constituency; Peace and security for all; Good governance and responsive government institutions; and Sustainable settlements.

Guided by the foregoing, multi-sector planners and specialists meticulously crafted the proposed budget in a way that will efficiently and effectively implement the PGNV’s Strategic Corporate Plan 2018-2022, together with the COVID-19 Anticipatory and Recovery Plans, Socio-economic Development Plans, Investment Programs, Executive-Legislative Agenda, and proposed Devolution Transition Plan, through its holistic “PRAYERS N FAITH” platform of public administration and governance.

The resultant 2022LEP consists of Programs, Activities, and Projects (PAPs) dedicated to enhancing and invigorating economic, social, and general public services of the PGNV that have a high impact on the Province and the lives of all its people.

As usual, because of increasing development demands and challenges, networking with the private sectors, civil society organizations, component LGUs, and National Government Agencies will be maximized and synergized with available resources.

Just like the previous ones, this budget is readily implementable but mindful of fiscal discipline, transparency, and accountability, agile enough to meet the challenges of the pandemic, and a tool to pump prime the local economy. It provides constituents the best value of every Peso that the PGNV collects and spends.

While it may not be able to meet all expectations, the PGNV is optimistic that the 2022LEP will truly serve as an instrument for the Province’s speedy recovery and substantial realization of its people’s aspirations.

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