Gov Padilla addresses PGNV’s fuel problem

Gov Padilla addresses PGNV’s fuel problem

The unanticipated spiraling of prices of petroleum products since the onset of the Russia-Ukraine conflict last February has been bringing forth serious mobility and other problems among government and private organizations and individuals around the world.

The Provincial Government of Nueva Vizcaya (PGNV) is also in a tight spot looking for immediate and long-term solutions.

Accordingly, in the afternoon of July 15, 2022, Governor Carlos M. Padilla presided over a proactive brainstorming session with key officers of the PGNV who have met earlier concerning this widespread precarious situation.

The meetings were precipitated by the impending cessation of the agreement between the PGNV and its fuel supplier on account of a provision that automatically terminates it upon exhaustion of the contracted amount.

Although, the PGNV could source out funds needed to forge another contract, which would take at least 28 days to accomplish, Governor Padilla was wary of the consequences of concomitant disruptions in the delivery of government services, especially by the PGNV-managed hospitals and the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office.

They were, however, able to strike a balance through the insights shared by the participants and on-the-spot consultations with the same supplier and the COA’s Supervising Auditor for the province of Nueva Vizcaya.

The PGNV offices are then assured of a steady supply of fuel, pending the forging of a new contract.

However, their respective consumptions will be closely monitored by the Provincial Budget Office and the Office of the Provincial Administrator, as part of the PGNV’s austerity measures being put in place.

Cautioning the PGNV officers to avoid the recurrence of this unprecedented problem, Governor Padilla stressed the need to integrate sustainability provisions in the future contracts of the local government.

Alongside the designated presenters, he will be meeting all the administrative officers and heads of the different PGNV departments, and divisions under his Office on July 18, 2022, at the Nueva Vizcaya Convention Center, Provincial Capitol, for an orientation and further discussions on the details of the proposed remedial measures.

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