GO-Pop convenes PIT and PMOC TWG

On November 16, 2023, the Governor’s Office-Population Division (GO-Pop) headed by Provincial Population Officer-Designate Elvira G. Tongson convened the Provincial Population Coordinating Committee, the Provincial Implementation Team (PIT), and the Pre-Marriage Orientation and Counseling (PMOC) Technical Working Group (TWG) for a meeting at the Ituy Function Room, Provincial Capitol.

The meeting centered around several key topics, including the upcoming 2023 Population and Development Week Celebration. The celebration will focus on Family Planning in the Workplace’ and Comprehensive Sexuality Education Integrating IEC/Advocacy on Adolescent Health and Development (AHD), reflecting the committee’s commitment to promoting health and well-being among the population.

The meeting also discussed the Population Development Program of Action, a strategic plan designed to guide population growth and development initiatives in the province. This program of action is crucial in ensuring that population growth aligns with the province’s resources and development plans.

The topic of Responsible Parenthood Family Planning (RPFP) was also on the agenda, with discussions on Family Planning Education and Advocacy (FPEA) and Pre-Marriage Orientation and Counseling (PMOC) among other matters. These initiatives aim to educate and support families in making informed decisions about family planning.

The meeting served as a platform for these groups to collaborate and strategize on these important population and development issues. The discussions and decisions made during this meeting will play a crucial role in shaping the province’s approach to population management, family planning, and adolescent health and development.

The agenda also included an open forum for “Other Matters,” providing a platform for members to address additional concerns and collaborate on topics not explicitly outlined. This flexibility ensured that the meeting remained responsive to the dynamic needs of the community.

In conclusion, the Provincial Population Coordinating Committee meeting proved to be a cornerstone in the collective efforts to enhance community well-being. The collaborative efforts displayed by the PIT and PMOC TWG members showcased a commitment to addressing population-related challenges comprehensively. As the discussions unfolded within the walls of the Ituy Function Room, it was evident that the province is not only prioritizing population and development but is also laying the groundwork for a more informed, resilient, and interconnected community. #mvs

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