Dupax Del Norte wins Idol Kong Entrepreneur

Entry from Barangay Macabenga won the 2023 Idol Kong Entrepreneur, a long-awaited win for the municipality of Dupax Del Norte, during the culminating activity of the National Children’s Month celebration at the Nueva Vizcaya Convention Center on November 29, 2023.

The search for Idol kong Entrepreneur, an offshoot of Idol kong Pamilya, is a tool to monitor the livelihood assistance granted by the provincial government to poor but ideal families in the province.

Relying on vegetable production for their livelihood, Mr. and Mrs. Crisanto Amros from Barangay Macabenga practice simple bookkeeping to monitor their income and expenses.

In addition, they consistently make monthly deposits into their savings account. As a family, they avoid withdrawals, and each of their children also manages an individual savings account.

Mr. Amros is also an active barangay human rights officer.

Mr. and Mrs. Dominador Begseng from Barangay Balangabang, Kayapa, won first place. They rely on vegetable production as their main source of livelihood.

In 2022, Mr. and Mrs. Begseng won as champions in Idol kong Pamilya. Utilizing the prize money, they earned as grand champions, they effectively expanded and sustained their business.

Securing second place, Mr. and Mrs. Marcela Nalibsan of Barangay Napo in Ambaguio sustain their livelihood through vegetable gardening while maintaining meticulous business records.

Additionally, the family actively participates in their church community, with Mr. Nalibsan serving as the head of the church.

Organized income statements, debts, and regular bank transactions were some of the criteria evaluators scrutinized during the evaluation.

Winners received additional livelihood assistance and plaques of recognition, while non-winners also received cash incentives and a certificate of appreciation.

The Barangay Council for the Protection of Children (BCPC) and the municipality where the provincial entries came from also received cash incentives. /cqc

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