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Provincial Profile


Our ancestors and the first inhabitants of Nueva Vizcaya includes: the Ayangans, Kalanguyas, Isinais, Gaddangs, Bugkalots and Iwaks. More than 25,000 years ago, they built a civilization based on agriculture and the main political unit, the Barangay. (Teich, 2019)

In 1839, Nueva Vizcaya was created as a province. Endowed with rich natural resources, particularly in agriculture, the province attracts numerous tribes from other regions in the country. The first wave of migrants, the Ilocanos, started to arrive from 1850s to 1930s. The migrants from Cordilleras on the other hand started to arrive in the province in year 1950. Other migrants who form big portion of the population are the Ilocanos, Tagalogs, Pangasinenses, Kapampangans, Ifugaos and others.

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