PAIAD’s Q1 Taripnong features National Arts Month

PAIAD held its 1st Quarter of 2022 Taripnong/Press Conference at the Provincial Museum and Library, Bayombong, with Supervising Tourism Operations Officer (STOO) Marichelle O. Costales and Museum Researcher 1 Mikara Kaye Z. Jubay-Dulay of the Provincial Tourism and Culture Office (PTCO) serving as resource persons.

The presentations centered on the different activities lined up by the Provincial Government of Nueva Vizcaya (PGNV) for the National Arts Month celebration in the province, which include: “Kulinarya”: Farm Food Fun Festival; Spoken Word Poetry Contest; “MUSIKASIYAHAN: Vizcaya Sining Bida”; Art Attack II; Digital Cover Design Contest; “Likhang Kamay III: Sisidlan” Art Exhibit; and Inauguration of the “Bantayog ng Wikang Gaddang”.

In the ensuing open forum, the participants raised some challenges such as the need for strengthening collaborations among concerned institutions from the public and private sectors aimed at enhancing further the Supply Chain Management System for local products, like the goods and services of the province’s artisans, and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMES). The identified partners were: Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), and Provincial Cooperative and Enterprise Development Office (PROCEDO) for product design, packaging, and marketing; and Public Affairs and Information Assistance Division (PAIAD) for wide-scale product promotion through its information and communication platforms and channels.

The discussions on the Gaddangs’ “Bantayog” also led to the notion of possibly erecting monuments as well for certain iconic personalities, namely: (a) Luis Lardizabal Y Montojo who ordered the creation of the Province of Nueva Vizcaya on May 24, 1839; (b) Governor-General Ramón María Solano y Llanderal who authorized the separation of sitio Lumabang from the township of Bayombong (The new town’s name was changed to Solano on 25 April 1863 by the Dominicans in his honor); (c) Fr. Juan Fernandez Villaverde, OP, founder of the Ibung ecclesiastical mission/town, which was renamed as Villaverde on 21 June 1959 in his honor; and (d) the brothers Felipe Cuntapay and Gabriel Dayag who started on November 6, 1621 the protracted Gaddang uprising against the Spanish colonizers.

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