Governor’s Office – Public Employment Services Division

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Edralyn B. Gabrillo

Acting Division Chief

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Capitol Compound, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya

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  • Oversee and supervise the overall planning, operation of the park and monitor implementation of plans and subsequent plans as approved by the governor and steering committee
  • Undertake the development and proper maintenance of parks and shall oversee and administer day to day activities of the park/s, recommend policies, procedures and systems which ensure productive and efficient operations
  • To ensure that utmost courtesy and pro mp delivery of services are accorded and rendered to its clienteles in order to achieve desired level of customer’s satisfaction
  • Provide continuing analysis on the revenue generation aspect of the LMET and other park/s of the Provincial Government as may be identified by the Honorable Governor
  • To develop and execute marketing campaign including advertising, promotions and public relations that are proportionate to the actual services, unique features, amenities and facilities of the park/s
  • The LMET project has for its objective to showcase the natural resources of the province while at the same time provide educational, recreational, spiritual values that will help promote the love and concern for environment
  • It seeks to develop and strengthen the capacity of the PLGU to effectively manage and protect the site as the primary tourist destination of Nueva Vizcaya
  • The Provincial Government of Nueva Vizcaya ventured on developing eco-tourism for various reasons:
    1. A tourism opportunity for the Province given the existing natural reforestation area which offers potential for eco-tourism
    2. Presentation of eco-system
    3. Tourism dictates a growing development trend both national and Clean Air Act
    4. It is an investment opportunity of Nueva Vizcaya


  • Manage over-all operations of the LMET Park
  • Initiate and introduce plans and projects for the improvement and development of the LMET Park as primary tourist destination in the province



Office of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan

January 14,2021: Public Hearing of the Committee on Good Governance and Ethics and Spiritual Affairs.

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