2018 Appropriation Ordinances - Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines
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2018 Appropriation Ordinances

Should you need a hard copy of any of the Appropriation Ordinances listed, kindly make a request letter and proceed to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan.  Thank you.

DateOrdinance No.Title
June 25, 20182018-463An Ordinance Appropriating the amount of P19,279,283.91 out of the unutilized portions of Personal Services (PS) Appropriation particularly from January to April 30, 2018 to augment the salaries and wages of Casual Employees Assigned in different offices in the Provincial Government for the period of July 1, 2018 to September 30, 2018.
June 25, 20182018-462An Ordinance Authorizing Supplemental Budget No. 02, Series of 2018 of the Province of Nueva Vizcaya involving an Amount of P62,333,560.33

1. Funding for Actual Services rendered (Account 5-01-01-010) of Ms. Emerlene Jane I. Galanta in the amount of P25,169.00
2. Salary Differential (Account 5-01-01-010) of Mr. Alberto P. Peñaranda and Mr. Leonard Clemens L. Cadoy in the total amount of P35,282.80.
3. Terminal Leave Pay (Account 5-01-04-030) of Mr. Apolonio M. Banaag and Mr. Jose V. Damaso Jr. in the amount of P73,609.20
4. Purchase of various supplies and equipment for the establishment of the Nueva Vizcaya Agriculture Farm School, Other Supplies and Materials (Account 5-02-03-990) P604,595.00, Other PPE (Account 1-07-99-990) P120,000.00, ICT Equipment (Account 1-07-05-030) P104,000.00
5. Augmentation of Fund for other Professional Services (Account 5-02-11-040) of various offices in the amount of P7,075,124.34
6. Purchase of ICT Equipment (Account 1-07-05-03) IT Server with UPS and Active Directory Bundled with Training and Configuration on Windows 2012 server for Information Technology Division of the Governor's Office in the amount of P490,000.00
7. Purchase of 6 units steel cabinet (Account 1-07-07-010) and 1 pc folding aluminum stairs (Account 1-07-99-990) for Dupax District Hospital in the amount of P76,780.00
8. Funding of other Personnel Benefits- Anniversary Bonus (Account 5-01-04-990) of 645 Permanent Employees and 298 Casual Employees in the amount of P2,829,000.00
9. Funding for the Establishment and Dismantling of temporary Hospital (Account 1-07-04-990) in the amount of P5,000,000.00
10. Purchase of 1 unit X-ray Machine (Account 1-07-05-110) for Kasibu Municipal Hospital in the amount of P3,000,000.00 20% Development Fund AIP Ref. Code 3000-002-1-3-03-0001-003-008.
11. Additional funding for the purchase of ambulance for Kasibu Municipal Hospital- P800,000.00 AIP Ref Code 3000-002-1-3-03-001-003-014 (2nd SAIP), Nueva Vizcaya Provincial Hospital - P300,000.00 AIP Ref Code 3000-002-1-3-03-004-006-013 (4th SAIP and funding for the purchase of 1 unit ambulance for Diadi Emergency Hospital P2,800,000.00 AIP Ref Code 3000-002-1-3-03-001-003-010 (4th SAIP) all under the 20% Development Fund (Account 1-07-06-010)
12. Construction of Sewage Treatment Plant (Account 1-07-03-030) in the Nueva Vizcaya Provincial Hospital in the amount of P25,000.000.00, 20% Development Fund AIP Ref. Code 3000-002-1-3-03-004-006-016 (4th SAIP)
13. Construction of LMET Multi-purpose Building (Account 1-07-04-010) in the amount of P3,500,000.00, 20% Development Fund AIP Ref Code 8000-005-1-3-07-001-002 (2nd SAIP)
14. Provincial Counterpart for the Balikatan Sagip Patubig Program with an aggregate anount of P10,500,000.00, 20% Development Fund AIP Ref Code 8000-001-1-1-16-001-197 under the Provincial Agricultural Office; (PAOAC- Borobbob CIS- P2,250,000.00; Paitan CIS- P3,750,000.00; Lower Calitlitan CIS P4,500,000.00).
May 21, 20182018-461An Ordinance Authorizing Supplemental Budget No. 01 Series of Series 2018 of the Province of Nueva Vizcaya involving an amount of P16,944,912.91