Provincial Agricultural Office - Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines
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Provincial Agricultural Office



Provincial Agriculturist
1st Floor, Provincial Agriculture Building
Provincial Capitol,
Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya
3700 Philippines

T: (078)392-0794
M: 0977-830-2978
M: 0915-549-1622


The office of the provincial agriculturist is the primary office of the provincial government responsible for the promotion of sustainable agricultural development and growth through increased productivity thus, the office of the provincial agriculturist shall provide the agricultural extension and support service to the farmers, fisherfolks, rural women, rural youth necessary to make agricultural and agri-based enterprise profitable.


  1. Initiates agricultural extension and technical assistance that promotes and ensures fa rmers’s adoption of recommended package of technology on rice, corn. Fishery, fruits and vegetables and other High Value Commercial Crops.
  2. Develop plans, strategies, programs and policies on agriculture for consideration and approval of the Governor and Sangguniang Panlalawigan
  3. Always maintain worthiness of agriculture equipment’s and facilities
  4. Initiates and conduct research and development on the adoption and creation of new agricultural technologies.
  5. Enforce agricultural laws, policies and ordinance which the Governor and the Office is mandated to implement.
  6. Identifies, develop and access funding support of agricultural support facilities and infrastructures and implement the same in partnership with other support institutions.
  7. Be in the frontline of delivery of basic services particularly those needed for the survival of the inhabitants during and in the aftermath of man-made and natural disasters.
  8. Coordinates with government agencies and non-government organizations which promote agricultural productivity through appropriate technology compatible with environment integrity
  9. Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may prescribed by law or ordinance


  1. Intensify the promotion of high yielding varieties (HYVs) of seeds as in the purchase of 50 bags registered seeds and 400 certified seeds, 410 cavans assorted vegetable seeds to farmers.
  2. Strengthen farmers organization, federation such Rural Improvement Club, Federation of 4-H Club, Nueva Vizcaya Seed Producers Cooperative and Seed Growers Associations.
  3. Conduct mitigation measures on the control of pest and diseases to all crops and established early warning system for proper pest and disease management.
  4. Increase production and profitability of fisheries, grains, vegetables through he conduct and establishment of techno demo, crops + livestock
  5. Integration, varietal trial on rice, technology piloting and the provision of technical assistance and trainings.
  6. Provide livelihood assistance on corn based farming system, vegetable farmers, fishpond operators and fruit tree farmers through the provision of seeds and planting materials.
  7. Provide infrastructure support on the improvement of Provincial Nursery, Polloc Fresh Water Fish Farm, support to Postharvest Facilities,Irrigation System.