PNP reports to CMP

The Nueva Vizcaya Provincial Police Command, headed by Col. Richard Saavedra, conducted the traditional New Year’s Call to Governor Carlos M. Padilla to give updates on the PNP’s accomplishment on the previous year held at the Governor’s Office on January 13.

According to the report, the province had a significant decrease in crime volume from 2016-2019. Most of the crimes recorded are from the municipality of Bayombong, however the municipality had a significant decrease of 59 crimes committed. In the municipality of Quezon, committed crimes were increased by 30 counts. All index crimes in the province decreased in 2019 except for rape wherein it increased to 13%. Incest rapes were mostly recorded from the far-flung areas and rape of minors were mostly committed in the central areas.

Reckless imprudence resulting to homicide, physical injuries and damage to properties showed an increasing trend from 2018-2019 which were mostly committed in Bayombong, Santa Fe and Solano. On the violation of special laws, the highest was the anti-violence against women and children which mostly committed in Bayombong, Bagabag, Bambang and Solano.

For the implementation of SP ordinance #99-014, regulating the flow of traffic on the 4-way lane from Solano to Bayombong, 1,916 were apprehended in 2019 and all fines imposed were paid at the Provincial Treasury Office.

Crime solution efficiency and clearance efficiency in the province improved in 2019 with the municipality of Solano as the top implementer.

Governor Padilla expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the PNP for everything the PLGU engages in, the PNP are also there. “This shows that there is a good relationship between the civilian offices and the PNP. It is also my desire to be of help to you,” the Governor said. #bg

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