PITD and PT benchmark on E-TRACS

PITD and PT benchmark on E-TRACS

The Provincial Information Technology Division (PITD) jointly carried out with the Provincial Treasury an onsite benchmarking activity on the Enhanced Tax Revenue and Collection System (E-TRACS) of the Municipal Government of Bayombong on September 6, 2022.

This in line with the PITD’s mandates, viz: formulate, develop, and implement customer-oriented programs, projects, and applications that will increase government productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency; lead in the transformation of offices as e-government institutions, particularly those of the provincial government,; and extend technical support to its clients within and outside the provincial government.

The E-TRACS is a subscription-based integrated information system that automates real property assessments, business permits, licensing, and revenue collection operations of local governments.

One of the features of the system is an online connectivity between concerned provincial government offices and those of the component municipalities. This allows online transactions, like appraisals, assessments, approvals, queries, and even taxpayers’ payments to the province, not to mention the real time updating of their respective ledgers at the municipal level.

The provincial government has expressed its continuing full support to cooperating local governments and the provincewide digitization initiative at large.

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