NV Rotarians celebrate World Polio Day

NV Rotarians celebrate World Polio Day

Members of local groups of Rotary International, namely, Rotary Club of Bayombong, Rotary Club of Bayombong Capital, Rotary Club of Vizcaya, and Rotaract of Bayombong, joined in the strenuous “Zumba” activity at the People’s Stage-Quadrangle, Provincial Capitol immediately after finishing their Parasol Fun Walk and Fun Bike that started at the Nueva Vizcaya Sports Complex, also in Bayombong.

The day’s event concluded with a simple breakfast served for the members of the said groups, along with other non-member individuals who were enticed to voluntarily participate in the international celebration.

The Nueva Vizcaya Rotarians also participated as sponsors and donors in the bloodletting activity conducted on October 22, 2022 at the Kasibu Municipal Hospital (KMH), an infirmary, headed by Dr. Lucena P. Caldito, located in the province’s southern municipality of Kasibu, which was established in 1990 to serve the people of that far-flung area and the adjoining LGUs by virtue of a bill sponsored by then-Congressman Carlos M. Padilla.

These are all part of the activities in the Province orchestrated by the Rotary Club of Bayombong headed by its President, Virginia N. Iglesias, the incumbent Provincial Budget Officer of the Provincial Government of Nueva Vizcaya (PGNV), in line with the WORLD POLIO DAY that is being observed on October 24 every year.

The World Health Organization and Rotary International, which have been jointly spearheading for decades a global program aimed at eradicating Polio had adopted for the CY2022 celebration the theme, “World Polio Day 2022 and Beyond: A Healthier Future for Mothers and Children”.

According to these partnering international champions, the objective of this year’s event is “To focus on the ‘beyond’, highlighting the added value of building on the investments already made in polio eradication, and, by its extension, the immunization agenda.”

They further said that “Going ‘beyond’, while building on current investments, will help ensure that those children that have been saved from polio and, together with their mothers, from other vaccine-preventable diseases, will be able to benefit from other related preventive and life-saving services that will also enable mothers to have a positive experience of their pregnancy, and the young children to achieve their full developmental potentials”. #jlc#mccd

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