(Creative Feature Writing Contest – Third Place) Nueva Vizcaya: Three Wonders among Countless Wonders

Nueva Vizcaya, the province of verdant mountains, emerald fields, roaring waterfalls and warm-hearted people. Nestled between the Sierra Madre and Caraballo mountain ranges, Nueva Vizcaya shines with pride and glory. A province you will hold close to your heart, whether you’re a Novo Vizcayano or one at heart.

Nueva Vizcaya is geographically located in the heart of Northern Luzon. Coming from the National Capital Region a traveller will embark on a journey of approximately two hundred sixty-eight kilometers to the north. If travel conditions are forgiving, one will arrive at the province within five to eight hours. But no matter how long the journey may be, Nueva Vizcaya is certainly worth every second of it.

The province is a gold mine of nature’s miracles. One can say that when God blessed the nation with beauty, He smiled fondly upon Nueva Vizcaya. Every municipality in the province will proudly showcase their very own tourist spots and one will never run out of wonders to see. Among the abundance of tourist spots in Nueva Vizcaya are three attractions namely Lintungan Falls, Capisaan Caves, and Mt. Pulag via Ambaguio trail. A waterfall, a cave, and a mountain. Wouldn’t you say that we have it all? Hop on and settle in. Let’s get to know some of the best attractions in the naturally vibrant province of Nueva Vizcaya!

Our first stop is the captivating Lintungan Falls, the pride of Barangay Runruno, Quezon. A traveller can reach the barangay via a jeepney ride from Solano on a scenic journey and continue to the attraction site on a motorbike or tricycle from the barangay hall. Before entering the tourist spot, visitors will have to pay ten to fifty pesos which is a relevantly small amount to pay for the experience of seeing such a beautiful place. Surrounded by lush green forests, it is a perfect place to get away from the hustle and the bustle. A place to relax and let loose. With thundering waters that cascade down clear pools where a weary traveller can swim and cool down. Breathe the lively air and dip into the chilly waters. You can also bask in the sunshine along its banks, just close your eyes and hear the music of nature from the surrounding area. Forget work, forget deadlines and let this gift of nature wash away all the worries in your head. You can visit the attraction alone or with your friends and family. Make beautiful memories in an equally beautiful place!

Next, we will go on a spelunking adventure in the Capisaan Caves of Capisaan, Kasibu. To get to the place, one may take the jeepney to Capisaan from Solano. The drop off point will be at the Capisaan Information Center where you will have to pay the entrance fee, it will depend on the length you are willing to go through the cave system; but for the experience you’re about to have, every peso is worth it. It will cost a tourist about one hundred fifty pesos for halfway routes through the cave and about two hundred seventy pesos for a through and through experience. The caves boast a total length of 4.2 km which earned its place as the fifth longest cave system in the country. Tourists can go on an adventure inside the caves through two main entrance points which are the Alayan and Lion points. Through and through routes can be Alayan-Lion or Lion-Alayan. Inside the magnificent caves are rock formations that will tickle your brain, you can find formations that look like abstract sculptures. Aside from the beautiful rock formations, there are also mineral deposits in the form of stalagmites and stalactites. The cave walls are also rich with beautiful dark markings that are interesting to look at. As you traverse through the cave you will hear the faint rushing of waters, adding to the mystifying journey. Be sure to take in all its charm as you walk through the caves, but be careful as well. Spelunking inside the Capisaan Caves is a worthwhile adventure, treading from shallow to waist-deep waters, crawling crevices, and occasionally bumping your head as well! Try to not get so mesmerized and get separated from your group though, the caves’ beauty can enchant you just like that! It is considered as a spelunker’s paradise after all.

And from the depths of the caves we will go up, up and up Mt. Pulag via Ambaguio trail. From Bayombong, travellers will take on a jeepney ride to Ambaguio. Hikers are strongly advised to prepare some cash for the registration fee of one hundred pesos, as well as the fee for the tour guide and for the bunkhouse donation. Trekking up Mt. Pulag through the Ambaguio trailhead will prove worthy of testing your knees and overall stamina and strength as the Ambaguio trail is the longest among the existing trails. It challenges hikers with approximately twenty-four kilometers and elevation gain of around two thousand three hundred meters. It is a known fact that hiking up Mt. Pulag is not for the weak of spirit. But the hardship of taking on the challenge will be nothing compared to the scenic magnificence you will see as you ascend to the top. Hundreds if not thousands of pine trees and other types of vegetation will surely refresh your eyes. You will also meet some critters along the trail, like worms, bugs and insects so be kind to not disturb them. The trek will take hikers from two to four days on typical conditions. Hikers may take rest and regroup at a bunkhouse in Sitio Balete where they can eat and sip hot coffee or tea to warm up. And as the trek continues, hikers must be sure to hydrate! Upon reaching the top of Mt. Pulag, you will witness the breath-taking site of mountains and hills that stretch almost endlessly into the horizon. You will also feel the semblance of being on cloud nine with the amazing view of the sea of clouds. Feel your spirit soar and revel on your success, conquering Mt. Pulag. Drop your bags and breathe the chilly air that will send electric to your fingertips. You deserve all that after you survive and enjoy what is considered the playground of the gods.

The mentioned attractions are only among the roster of the amazing miracles of nature in Nueva Vizcaya, to mention them all will take ages! So why not come and see for yourself? The province have wonders upon wonders and everyone is welcome to enjoy them. Novo Vizcayanos will surely greet you with the sweetest smiles and the warmest welcome. With such beautiful and extraordinary attractions to behold, friendly locals, and awe-inspiring places to discover; we can guarantee you that the memories you will make in the province will last a lifetime.

When God blessed the nation with beauty, He smiled fondly upon Nueva Vizcaya. He made the province so beautiful, so wonderful. So pack your bags and be sure to bring a smile in your pocket. Set out on the adventure of a lifetime in the breath-taking Nueva Vizcaya. We are waiting for you! The naturally vibrant province of Nueva Vizcaya is waiting for you!

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