Festivals and Events - Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines
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Festivals and Events

Like other municipalities in the country, the fifteen municipalities of the province celebrate their own town and patronal fiestas. The charming people of every town displays their festivities with parades, playground demonstration, people’s/ socialization night, beauty pageant, cultural day/night (showcasing the colorful history of every town as well as give honor to the tribal groups in their respective town) fun games etc. Activities usually last for three days.

Alfonso Castaneda

Kasipegan Festival

During the 18th of April, the charming people of the town display their festivity with parades, cultural shows, fun rides for adults and children, talent competition, sports competition and people’s night. All highlighting the rich and colorful Bugkalot culture.

Mayor Jerry P. Pasigian
To Lowela Cipiano
3rd week of April

Black Nazarene Patronal Fietsa

January 9

Baykat Festival

Fiesta featuring Kalanguya and Ayangan showcase of their culture and rituals, beauty competition, Agro-fair, playground demonstration and people’s night. The so called people’s night is well attended by all the residents led by their respected Brgy. and municipal Officials of all the barangays. A product exhibit featuring crops
(camote) and semi-temperate vegetables is also an additional come on. A cultural day featuring “padit” or “cañao” is showcased too.

Mayor Arnold P. Dinungon
To Nuepe Manuel, Jr.
June 15 to 18

Panagsisibuyas Festival

A town fiesta with parades, streetdancing and drum & lyre competitions (Participated by elementary and high schools of the town), exhibit on agriculture featuring the town’s best products and socialization night during the last day. One highlight of the fiesta is also the cookfest of exotic and local dishes featuring their OTOP- Onion. The 100 years history of Aritao is showcased in the dance drama.

Mayor Lucita L. Tan
To Zenaida Lor
June 26 to 30

Centennial Celebration/ Foundation Day

June 26 to 30

St. Joseph Patronal fiesta

3rd week of March

Pabbalat Festival

The festivity of the town held every 4th week of September is a fiesta opened with parades, playground demonstration and socialization programs. A beauty search is also held to determine Ms. Bagabag. Each Barangay is given a booth to showcase their respective products like crops, vegetables and fruits as an indication of rich and productive harvest. The pineapple as their OTOP is also highlighted.

Mayor Johnny M. Sevillena
4th week of September

Panggayjaya Festival

The festival celebration of the beautiful people of Bambang held every 26-28 day of April is a town fiesta with streetdancing competition, float parade, ground demonstration participated by schools of the town and people’s night. One of the most awaited events of the fiesta is the Search for Ms. Bambang and an invitation dance competition held annually.

“Panggayjaya” is an Isinay term synonymous to merriment.

Mayor Flaviano D. Balgos, Jr.
To Regene Lopez
April 26 to 28

St. Catherine of Sienna Patronal Fiesta

Feast of Saint Catherine of Sienna, the patroness of Bambang, held every 30th of April.

April 30

Bayongyong Festival

3 – days festivities featuring the celebration of a town fiesta held during the 3th to 5th of the month of August. It is a festival with the opening day with fireworks, variety shows, grand parade, and people’s night. They include the much awaited search for Saniata ken Bayabay ti Bayombong as an annual activity and a street dancing competition too.

Mayor Ralph C. Lantion
To Paul Cadiente
August 3 to 5

St. Dominic Patronal Fiesta

The feast of St, Dominic, and the Patron Saint of Bayombong is celebrated during the first day of the town fiesta. This event shows the religion influence of the Roman Catholic in the capital town.

August 8

Ragragsakan Festival

Their fiesta is celebrated with parades and playground demonstration, and people’s night. The people are very much excited in watching the annual events like Libnos ti Diadi, sports tournaments open dance competitions, and cultural performances. They also include the showcase of agricultural products of each Barangay. They also have parlor games spearheaded by the town officials and active sanguniang kabataan.

Mayor Norma U. Miguel
To Wilma Patricio
June 15 to 17

Patronal Fiesta

Dupax del Norte

Dupax del Norte Town Fiesta

During the 3rd week of the month April, festivities featuring the typical celebration of a town fiesta with cultural performances, agricultural trde fairs, beauty and talent competition, playground demonstration to be participated by the elementary schools in the town, peoples night, SK Night and parade.

Mayor Timothy Joseph E. Cayton
April 19 to 22
Dupax del Sur

Paglingalingan Festival

Festivities featuring the colorful celebration of a town fiesta with parades, playground demonstration and people’s night. This festival likewise promotes and enriches the culture of Isinais and also the annual Search for Ms. Dupax del Sur.

Mayor Ruben S. Basconcillo
3rd week of April

Pugungan Festival

A town fiesta with cultural shows- highlighting the Ayangan/ Ifugao culture. Parade and people’s night is festivity featuring the celebration. The residents of the town also conduct parlor games during their festivity. The citrus festival is likewise a special part of the celebrations as Kasibu is the Citrus Capital of the Philippines.

Mayor Alberto D. Bumolo, Jr.
To Esthie Ollie
April 18 to 20

Owag-shi Festival

The residents of this upland Municipality celebrate their fiesta with agricultural product displays, variety shows, parlor games, people’s night, cultural shows and street dancing from the different IP groups of this upland town.

Mayor Paul D. Ligmayo
To Mark Fabian
4th week of January

Tangguyob Festival

Festivities featuring the colorful celebration of a town fiesta with agri-trade fair, float and people’s parade, hut competition, Laro ng Lahi, playground demonstration, people’s night and the Search for Saniata ken Bayabay ti Quezon. It is the 1st Tangguyob Festival celebrated during the fiesta of Quezon this year.

Mayor Dolores B. Binwag
June 16 to 18
Santa Fe

Kalanguya Festival

Their town fiesta coincides with the Kalanguya Festival (IP of Santa Fe). Celebrated with program, float and people’s parade, people’s night headed by officials and the Search for Ms. Sta Fe. Most awaited event is the cultural day as it showcases the rich culture of the Kalanguyas.
The Kalanguya Festival is the one of the most colorful and original cultural festivals in the province.

Mayor Liwayway D. Caramat
To Farrah Dugay
March 8 to 11

Pagbiagan Festival

Translated as Rice and native cakes festival, which coincides with the town’s founding anniversary celebration. A festival to revive the almost forgotten culinary arts of preparing rice cakes and delicates; after which displaying them as exhibits them sharing to the guest and the general public.

Mayor Eufemia A. Dacayo
To Jesica Decoro
4th week of April

Feast of St. Louis Beltran

1st or 2nd week of October

Padayaman Festival

Festivities featuring the typical celebration of the town fiesta with cultural performances, parade, playground demonstration, people’s night and also Search for Miss Villaverde. The cultural communities of Ayangan/ Ifugao are also showcased.

Mayor Ronelie U. Valtoribio
September 1-3