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My teacher, my hero

By on September 19, 2019

My teacher, my hero
by BG Lorenzo

National Teachers’ Month is annually celebrated in September. It is the opportune time to thank all the teachers for inspiring the students to be the best they can be. A teacher is considered as a second parent as the school is the second home of the students, a place where one had spent most of his time until he matures.

My parents, sister, grandma and some other relatives were teachers. And my wife is a teacher. Some people say that a person married to a teacher is lucky, because your children will be molded well and a teacher is good in handling money matters.

It is the time that people say, “my teacher is my hero.” But most of the time during school days, students do not care to listen to the teacher who keeps on talking for hours. A teacher keeps on talking even if no one is interested to listen. A teacher would not stop until he has not finished his job. At home, our father was very strict in giving us reading and writing lessons.

It is hard to believe that teachers are good in financial management as they receive a meager salary. As far as I know, DepEd teachers receive clothing and chalk allowance. But in other government agencies, other than the clothing allowances, they also have office representations for bond papers, pens and other supplies needed in their work.

How could a teacher survive relying on his salary alone? I remember when I was a kid, my siblings would help our mom prepare something for her to sell in school the following day, like polvoron, yema or pastillas. How much the gain would be, it will be bought for dinner or breakfast or to buy what to sell the next day.

A teacher could name all the loaning firms available in the area. I sometimes argue with my wife to refrain from going to the loaning firm and becoming a co-maker for her colleagues. But sometimes as our kids are growing, I am thinking that taking a loan is needed for us to survive.

Without any other extra income, I cannot imagine how my parents were able to support 7 children and had them all finish a degree in college, with me and my younger sister being sent to a university outside the province.

I would say now that I love my wife being my partner and being a teacher. A teacher plays an important role in our lives to become successful and help us become good human beings. We should not only remember and thank our teachers during Septembers but every time we do something right. #bg