More LSIs brought home through PGNV program

Novo Vizcayano LSIs (locally stranded individuals) from different provinces and cities have been reunited with their families through the Provincial Government of Nueva vizcaya’s(PGNV) OPLAN AWID, KONTRA COVID-19 program. In a report submitted to Gov. Carlos M. Padilla, Provincial Task Group COVID-19 Chairperson, as of 4:00 PM today, June 29, 2020, a total of 559 individuals were already catered the program, of which, 523 of them were ferried to the province, while 27 were outbound from Nueva Vizcaya. The report from the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management also stated that since May 7, 2020, the logistics partner of the provincial government for the program, the Nueva Vizcaya Van Owners Club (NVVOC), have already made 91 trips to fetch Novo Vizcayano LSIs. More LSIs are expected to be brought home to the province in the coming days as requests are now being processed by the PDRRM. #lag

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