CMP meets KFC exec

Governor Carlos M. Padilla, together with Provincial Agriculturist Alexander Domingo and Dr. Diomedes Anuma of the Provincial Veterinary Services Office, had a meeting with Roni G. Nares; Strategic Procurement Head for Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Mister Donut and Tokyo Tokyo; at the Governor’s Office on February 18.

Nares visited the Governor to offer a proposal to look for areas in the province for farmers to plant cabbage, onion, corn, and mushroom to be procured by the companies he represents. Governor Padilla proposed for a tie-up program to sponsor training for farmers at the farm school that practices organic farming.

“We train farmers to increase volume of produce and to suit the market. We train farmers to organic farming because we do not want our province to be infected with pesticides. We will tie-up to what is good for you and what is good for us,” Padilla said.

Nares’ company is looking for an area covering 50 hectares that could produce cabbage for KFC’s coleslaw, corn for feeds as KFC is expanding its poultry, button mushroom for the mushroom soup, and Tokyo Tokyo’s side dish of stir-fried cabbage and onion. #bg

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