PTV-4 interviews CMP - Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines
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PTV-4 interviews CMP

By on August 16, 2019

“The provincial government should not be blamed on what might be the outcome on the closure of OceanaGold in the province,” Governor Carlos M. Padilla said during his interview with veteran journalist Ceasar Soriano of People’s Television Network or PTV-4 on August 14 at the Governor’s Office.

The Governor reiterates his stand and decision regarding the operation of OceanaGold Philippines (OGPI) in the province that its operation must stop and contract must not be renewed, that the Mines and Geoscience Bureau (MGB) have no authority to give the company to operate.

According to Soriano, OGPI has given notice to hundreds of employees that a mass lay-off might happen. The Governor said that he feels sorry about that. It’s not a question of being sympathetic but a question of abiding with the law. “They know that their contract is just 25 years. Just like any other company, they should have the plan A and plan B for their employees. They should have prepared for this,” Padilla said.

And for the case of the scholars of OGPI that their scholarships might stop, “OceanaGold and the national government should answer for it. Why would you point things to the Governor when in fact I was not included in the scheme of things? I was not part of the negotiation and agreement. If I were the one who signed the agreement, then there should be alternate plans for it. But as the Governor, I will do my best to see what is good for the people,” Padilla added.

As to OGPI cementing Didipio connecting roads, the Governor said, “We do not need mining firms to construct our roads. Our hinterlands have cemented roads, they do not have mining in the area and no mining firms came to our aid. We can do it alone.”

“I am not singling-out OGPI here. It is only them with an expired permit. If only I have my way, I would also stop the other mining firm’s operation once permit expires,” Padilla said.

Soriano is a director, newscaster and the anchor/producer of two new public affairs programs of PTV-4 “Magandang Gabi, Pilipinas” airs on Saturday and “Isyu One-on-One” on Sunday, both in the afternoon primetime slot of 5 to 6 p.m. He also hosts a daily show in the afternoon “Unlad Pilipinas.” #bg