Sabrina cave vandalized - Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines
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Sabrina cave vandalized

By on July 19, 2019

Destruction and vandalism at Sabrina Cave in Capisaan, Kasibu was reported during the meeting of the Capisaan Cave System Steering Committee – TWG on July 12 at the People’s Museum in Bayombong.

Cave inspection and monitoring was conducted by a team led by Supervising Tourism Operations Officer Marichelle O. Costales on June 13-15 after illegal and forcible entry was reported by cave guides.

The padlock at the entrance of Sabrina cave was destroyed. Plastic litter were found inside and some of the formations (stalagmites) were destroyed. More than 10 names were also inscribed inside the cave.

It was alleged that high school students in the area were the perpetrators. One name (with its surname) was alleged to be from nearby Brgy. Wangal. This will lead to identify the other offenders once investigated.

It was observed that “Ikmo” plantation is abundant along the trail going to the Sabrina cave. One cave guide suspects that ripraps seen inside the cave were made by “ikmo” planters to prevent people going to the cave and will not notice their plantation.

The destruction and vandalism will be reported to the DENR for its legal and appropriate action. The provincial government will intensify its conduct of IEC to locals and stakeholders. A team composed of the DENR, PENARO and BLGU of Capisaan will be organized to investigate the matter. #bg