DA conducts pre-test on agri market information - Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines
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DA conducts pre-test on agri market information

By on March 20, 2019


A team from the Department of Agriculture (DA) Central Office paid a courtesy call to Governor Carlos M. Padilla at the NV Pasalubong Center on March 11 in connection to the conduct of pre-test for the proposed Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS) project.

The Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Service (AMAS), headed by Director Bernadette F. San Juan, conducted the pre-test activity on March 11-14 at the Nueva Vizcaya Agricultural Terminal (NVAT). The activity aimed to test the appropriateness and reliability of the survey instrument used for the data gathering of the proposed AMIS.

One of the most common problems the DA faces is the difficulty of effectively balancing supply with demand due to lack of available information and analysis. The DA continually confronted with the challenges of what interventions to provide in preventing agricultural supply shortages and gluts. The lack of data also prevented an effective and timely matching of supply with demand.

The AMIS project is a database system which will contain the supply, demand, and price data of selected commodities in a specific location for a specific period. The project hopes to determine the factors affecting imbalances so that the government will be able to provide the appropriate interventions. AMIS also provides a platform for an effective market-matching between suppliers and buyers. The project will cover the entire country and will run for a period of five years. After which, it will continue as a regular activity of the DA.

“We are profiling the high value crops of each province. We started in the province of Cotabato. In Region 02, we are piloting the project in Nueva Vizcaya. With this project, you will see your production on a weekly basis and the project will be the basis of DA intervention in the province,” San Juan said.

“We are glad that you are starting this program with us, and we are seeing whatever support we can offer. Once you have collated all the data, we hope that we will have brainstorming so that we could discuss whatever issues that may arise,” Padilla said. #bg