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Budget office bares accomplishments

By on January 28, 2019
50975216_1932527693536270_7177167746373779456_n Avelino Felipe Jr.

The Provincial Budget Office (PBO), reported its 2018 accomplishment during the flag-raising ceremony on January 21 at the Provincial Capitol.

In the report given by Marjorie F. Barlolong, Acting Assistant Budget Officer, the budget call approved by Governor Carlos M. Padilla was issued 17 days earlier than the budget calendar, setting forth the guidelines in the preparation of the 2019 budget proposals.

The PBO reviewed 41 budget proposals correlated with the annual investment plans of the departments/offices of the PLGU, consolidated and presented during the executive budget deliberation where the Local Finance Committee (LFC) rigidly and judiciously conducted a one-on-one defense on the budget and income. The PBO also submitted to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) the Executive Budget or local expenditure program of the province earlier than the set deadline.

During the SP deliberation on the 2019 budget of the Provincial Government in Baguio City on December 2018, the Provincial Budget Office (PBO) assisted and provided technical assistance in the deliberation process wherein the budget was approved by the Governor amounting to P1,637,257,549. The 2019 budget increased by P142,188,250 or 9.51% compared to last year’s budget.

Vice Governor Lambert Galima Jr. added that within the 8 years since he is seated in office with former Governor Ruth Padilla and with the present Governor, the budget of the province has been doubled. “This means that the present leadership is working hard in addressing priority projects and mandatory obligations of the province,” He said.

The PBO also reviewed 15 municipal annual budgets, nine of which were declared operative in its entirety, while the other 6 are with conditions and adverse findings. The office also conducted technical assistance on planning and budgeting workshop to 31 barangays, and 80 barangays on prior year planning and budgeting.
During the budget execution for FY 2018, the PBO adopted the allotment system wherein the release of fund was based on sound cash forecast, thus releases were with cash back-up and a total of 432 allotment release order were prepared.

On January 7, the PBO prepared allotment release order for personnel services covering the 6-month requirement for salaries and wages, mandatory obligations, including allocation for clothing allowance and mid-year bonus to be released not earlier than May 15, 2019.

The 4th tranche salary rate was adopted and implemented and soon to be released upon the issuance of approved Notice of Salary Adjustment to all qualified officials and employees.

As to the maintenance and operating expenditures, 40% of the total appropriation was released for the 1st six months of the budget year due to the final allocation of the Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) released to LGUs wherein province’s IRA was reduced by P10,521,781.