Barangay officials take oath with CMP - Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines
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Barangay officials take oath with CMP

By on June 22, 2018

Governor Carlos M. Padilla administered the oath-taking of the newly elected Barangay Officials of some Barangays of Dupax del Norte on June 21 at the PLGU Convention Center.

Witnessing the oath-taking were Vice Governor Epifanio LD Galima Jr., former Governor Ruth R. Padilla, Dupax del Norte Councilors Jimmy Balisi and Eliseo Langcao Sr.

Governor Padilla said, “I owe everything to Dupax del Norte of what I am now. If I did not become the Mayor of Dupax, I would not have been a Congressman and your Governor now. As the elected officials of your barangays you must know your job, perform your job, and love your job. The Vice Governor and I are here to support you.”

Vice Governor Galima said, “Not because you are elected means that you already know what to do. You must be open to learning. You could come to us or invite us to your barangay so that we could share with each other our knowledge in handling our barangays. A barangay captain is like an executive or manager, a legislator and a judge (being the head of the lupong-tagapamayapa) to his barangay. Let us work all together for the progress of the province.”

The barangays whose officials took oath with the Governor were Binuangan, Bitnong, Mabasa, Macabenga, Malasin, New Gumiad, Parai, and Oyao. #bg