PLGU gives machineries to farmers - Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines
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PLGU gives machineries to farmers

By on May 29, 2018

The provincial government headed by Governor Carlos M. Padilla, through the Provincial Agricultural Office, awarded 18 farm machineries to farmer’s and irrigator’s associations in the province during the culmination of the Farmers and Fisherfolk Month celebration on May 25 at the NV Convention Center.

The purchase of 9 hand tractors and 9 floating tillers were funded from the awards received by the province as Outstanding in the Rice Achievers Award in 2012, 2013, 2015, and 2016.

Hand tractors were given to Ahong Farmers of Ambaguio, Mabalit Irrigators of Aritao, San Luis Service Providers of Solano, Lower San Leonardo Irrigators of Bambang, Mabisar Almaguer-Ineangan Irrigators of Dupax del Norte, and Magapuy Irrigators of Bayombong.

The floating tillers were awarded to Gatapang-Sinipil Irrigators of Solano, Cupas Irrigators of Bambang, Pag-asa Farmers of Dupax del Norte, Luyang Irrigators of Bayombong, Allawan Communal Irrigators of Dupax del Norte, and Lower Sisi Irrigators of Kasibu.

Santa Cruz Service Providers of Bagabag, Dumaliguia Irrigators of Quezon, and Ibung-Nagbitin Irrigators of Villaverde received both hand tractor and floating tiller.

The different farmer’s and irrigator’s associations were pre-screened and evaluated by the Provincial Agricultural Office (PAO), headed by Provincial Agriculturist Alexander Domingo, before being chosen as recipients of the farm machineries.

PAO will once again be receiving a special citation award during the Rice Achievers Award on May 31. #bg