Vice Governor Galima on Federalism “let us arouse the consciousness of the people” - Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines
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Vice Governor Galima on Federalism “let us arouse the consciousness of the people”

By on March 12, 2018

“What would the Philippines be tomorrow”? This was how Vice Governor Epifanio LD. Galima went with his message during the 2-day Workshop on Federalism in Nueva Vizcaya.

Giving a brief history of the Philippine government from the Malolos Constitution to selling of the Spaniards of the Philippine islands, to the USA thru the Treaty of Paris, and later the interruption of the Jones Act because of the Japanese invasion of the country until the 1935 Constitution has become operative, he said that this workshop is not for the participants to approve the proposed federal model but to critique and reflect if there is a real need for a change in government system.

He also cited the drafting of the 1973 Constitution which was caused by the manipulation of the Constitutional Convention then President Ferdinand E. Marcos’ power beyond his legal tenure. Under the new system then, VG Galima quoted that as history says, Martial law was officially lifted in 1981 and the Local Government Code of the Philippines was later enacted in 1987.

Citing the history of the Philippine constitution, VG Galima then gave his insight on the shifting of new government system in the Philippines to the proposed Federalism. One of which he mentioned is the right use of funds as against its resources. ” A barren state would have a barren income , and to be able for a state to be federalized it has to have a fund of its own”, he said .

Although many political experts believe that there is no need for the change of present Philippine government system, VG Galima said “ we are convened in this workshop to share our views and arouse the consciousness of the people on the issue on the Federalism.

He ended his message with words “wether we are pro or anti federalism, it is important that our opinions be heard”.