PCAO reports on 2017 accomplishments - Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines
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PCAO reports on 2017 accomplishments

By on January 22, 2018

vizcaya reporter

About 325 applications for livelihood assistance were assisted, said Provincial Cooperatives Affairs Officer (PCAO) Juditte Asuncion during the offices’ hosting of the flag-raising ceremony last January 15 at the People’s Stage.

These livelihood assistance applications were properly profiled and also assisted in the preparation of business plans through PCAO’s enterprise and cooperative development and management services, added Asuncion.

Under the promotion and marketing of the provinces’ best products, the said office organized 15 trade fairs such as the Vizcaya’s Best Exhibit during the 9th Grand Ammungan Festival participated in by 38 exhibitors and generated a total of about P1.7 million in sales.

The NV goes to Alabang in Muntinlupa City participated by 44 exhibitors generated about P16.2 million which is 8.91 percent higher in the previous year’s total sales. Various trade fairs at the Quezon City hall were also conducted monthly, participated by more than 30 exhibitors and generated about P2.9 million sales.

To assist cooperatives PCAO also conducted 31 trainings on entrepreneurship management, basic accounting, financial management and budgeting, leadership and values re-orientation and management training among others.

PCAO also conducted three techno missions to Iloilo, Abra, Ilocos Sur and Benguet which served as a venue for study and observation on proven and best business management strategies and practices which can be adopted by various cooperatives and food processors of the province.

The first Regional Cooperative Month celebration last October 21, 2017 was conducted and participated by about 2,400 delegates from the four provinces of Region 2.

Mentoring and coaching of clienteles in developing skills in financial management and policy formulation are still being continuously conducted.

PCAO also monitors livelihood beneficiaries 44 of whom have implemented their projects and about 52 percent submitted liquidation reports.

As an oversight committee member of the Credit Surety Fund, Asuncion also mentioned that the fund has an investment of aboutP17 million and a total of P28.5 million worth of loans availed by seven member cooperatives.

Under the Philippine Rural Development Project, the mandarin and onion production and marketing enterprise with a total sub-project cost of about P16 million are already in the procurement stage.

PCAO also attended the Regional Investment Forum and also launched the Investment website of the province held at the Zen Hotel in Santiago City.

Asuncion said that the office has new programs that focus on the investment and promotions of the province and policy planning development programs that will cater to the conduct assessment of the offices’ programs for an effective and efficient delivery of services. #krizel