Governor signs E.O. on learning and dev’t policies - Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines
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Governor signs E.O. on learning and dev’t policies

By on January 10, 2018

In recognizing the contributions of all the officers and employees in attaining the goals and objectives of the province, Governor Carlos M. Padilla signed on November 27 an Executive Order establishing the learning and development policies in the provincial government.

vizcaya reporterThe provincial government seeks to ensure that adequate and appropriate training and development activities are provided to its employees in order to maintain a committed, motivated and productive workforce.

All permanent and casual employees shall formulate their Individual Development Plan (IDP) as an intervention identified in the SPMS implementation during performance monitoring and evaluation. The Department Head shall consolidate the learning and development needs of the office and formulate the 5-year Capability Development Plan of the office. This shall be used as basis in proposing adequate funds for training and for identifying staff who will be sent for training.

The provincial government will support the training and development of its employees from the time of their employment until their separation from government service. Induction program is mandatory for all new hires. Permanent and casual employees hired for less than a year will not be eligible for formal training activities. However, they are eligible to participate in non-formal learning and development activities conducted at the office such as on-the-job trainings, mentoring/coaching as well as in-house trainings conducted by the PHRMO and other offices.

To ensure fairness, employees may not participate in more than 2 external trainings/seminars funded by the provincial government. They may participate in more than 2 trainings; provided that it is at their own expense, it is an internal training conducted by the PLGU and, it is for exigency of service such as trainings attached to program implementation.

Employees will be sent to at least 1 job-specific training in a year, depending on the urgency and exigency of services and availability of funds. Trainings not in line with present job will be allowed once per year as an incentive to high performing individuals.

Trainings for professionals registered in professional registries are accepted only if the training is consistent with the present work activities. Provided, however, that only one training is to be shouldered by the PLGU. Trainings not in line with the present work will be shouldered by the participant. #bg