Padillas push cultural preservation - Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines
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Padillas push cultural preservation

By on November 14, 2017

“Filipinos are so proud for being fluent in the English language. This was because of the education Americans gave to the Filipinos and made the Philippines a good colonized country. But this made the Filipinos forget their own culture and own language.”

This was uttered by Governor Carlos M. Padilla during the second day celebration of the Indigenous People’s month on November 9-10 at Villa Coloma, Bagabag.

“The purpose of the IPs summer workshops is for us to get back to our true culture,” Governor Padilla said.

Assistant Secretary Revsee Escobedo of DepEd, as represented by Joel Erestain, said, “most of those who had gone to the city for an education never came back to where they came from. If you have the chance to get out of your community for an education advancement, you must go back to share your knowledge and help protect your own culture.”

After watching the performances of the participants in the IP summer workshops, former Governor Ruth R. Padilla said, “since it is possible for the young ones to sing and dance our traditional songs and dances, the elders must not stop teaching them.”

“I am looking forward that the IP workshops will be maintained and sustained through the years and would get some more support from the local government and the DepEd, so that our culture will not get lost,” Padilla added. #bg