PopCom R02 conducts family planning caravan in Aritao - Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines
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PopCom R02 conducts family planning caravan in Aritao

By on July 12, 2017

In celebration of World Population Day, the Commission on Population (PopCom) R02 in partnership with the Department of Health R02 conducted yesterday (July 11), conducted a simultaneous family planning caravan within the region.

With this year’s theme “Family Planning: Empowering People, Developing Nations,” the PopCom chose 4 municipalities in the region excluding Batanes to be benefited with their program.
In Nueva Vizcaya, the municipality of Aritao was chosen.

The program was held at the municipal gymnasium of Aritao wherein the speakers lectured about the importance and benefits of family planning to the family, community, environment and to the country.

Some of their lectures were the facts that the average number of children born to a woman in the region during her reproductive years was consistently higher than the national average; for a period of 20 years, average number of children in the region declined to one (1) child only- from 4.2% in 1993 to 3.2% in 2013; there is always gap of one child between actual and wanted fertility.

Contraceptive prevalence rate in the region in 2013 is 51.5% was higher than the national average that is 37.6%, but fertility slightly declined and desired number of children was not met; Use of traditional methods still remained for the past 20 years wherein 8.9 % in 1993, 9.4% in 1998, 4.4% in 2008 and 7.4% in 2013; and Region 2’s unmet need for family planning is 15% or more than 58,000 currently married women. The percentage is split between a need for spacing births which is 5% or a need for limiting births which is 10.6%.

About 139 individuals attended the lecture wherein almost half of them are couples.

Governor Carlos M. Padilla also attended the activity wherein he gave an inspiring message. “In life, we always need planning because without planning, there will be no progress,” Gov. Padilla shared.

“In family, we also need planning. To have kids, we need plans ta narigat met nu agkaiwara ti annak tayo ta baka nu haan tayo met lang isuda nga masuportaran ket dakkel nga problema ti pamilya dayta, ket haan lang nga dakayo ti agproblema nu di ket pati ti gobyerno isu nga adda kami tatta ditoy tapnu matulungan dakayo,” Gov. Padilla explained.

In an interview with Nueva Vizcaya Population Coordinator and PopCom R02 Technical Division Chief Teresa C. Soriano, she said, “We chose Aritao because it is one of the municipalities that has a high rate of unmet needs when it comes to family planning in Nueva Vizcaya.”

“When we say unmet needs, we mean family planning methods that could not be afforded by couples for some reasons. For example is the accessibility and availability of services, the husband doesn’t want to use contraceptives because he want many children and there also couples that still have some misbelief with contraceptives that hinders them from using it.” Soriano explained. #mccd