Poverty hinders not a boy’s dream - Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines
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Poverty hinders not a boy’s dream

By on October 14, 2016

He was born in a small barangay in Lallo, Cagayan; third among five siblings, Arlex V. Ruiz went to elementary and high school in the town of Sto. Nino, Cagayan where his family later moved and resided in. His dream was to become an electrical engineer someday but poverty hindered him to go to college. He had to stop and work as a farmer instead, taking contracts for planting and reaping rice.


Coming from an indigent family, he could have been a scholarship recipient of the government’s 4Ps program but his name was omitted for some reason. So he decided to find a greener pasture in Manila and landed in a job as a delivery boy for six months in Taguig and worked for another 3 months as a cashier in a resto bar.

Since he could not withstand the hardship of labor in the city, he went back home and spent two years working as a farmer.

Trying to find his luck at some other place, he decided to come to Nueva Vizcaya where his auntie was also working and landed at a job as a laborer for the Gamponia’s Resort in Brgy. San Antonio, Bambang which was then under renovation. While working here, he regularly sent money for his elder sister who was then studying at a college in Cagayan province.

He went back home only when his mother died. But since his skills were much admired by the owner of the resort, Dr. Reynante T. Gamponia, he was called back. He came with barely nothing but his t-shirt, pants, shoes. Dr. Gamponia provided him with a space to live in while working as handyman for the resort, gave him salary and allowance and allowed him some home visits.

While working, he enrolled at Nueva Vizcaya State University taking up the course of Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, finished after some years, and passed both board examinations for Master Electrician and Electrical Engineer.

He said he owes his success to the resort owner who has treated him as a real person, gave him constant encouragement, and provided him shelter up to this time.

Speaking about his poverty, he said “kung makikita niyo po ang bahay namin sa Sto. Nino, baka isang tadyak lang po ay magigiba na.”

Now that he is an electrical engineer and a master electrician who ranked 12 in the board examination, he is ready to apply his knowledge and skills but said, out of debt of gratitude to Dr. Gamponia, he will finish all of the works he has to finish at the resort before venturing on other work possibilities but just within the province of Nueva Vizcaya which, he said, he has learned to love from day one.

During his visit with Governor Carlos M. Padilla, he was congratulated and asked to file an application letter but was also advised not to close his door to other better opportunities.#gbb