Akyat group to provide classroom made of PET bottles - Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines
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Akyat group to provide classroom made of PET bottles

By on March 28, 2015

Akyat Nueva Vizcaya headed by Ms. Helen Gemma R. Vallejos and Ms. Zyphren Rea L. Pitpit, a civic group working towards giving indigenous communities in the Province of Nueva Vizcaya, specifically the I’waks of Kayapa, a better life by providing them a classroom out of PET bottles- derived from polyethylene terephthalate, a plastic resin that can be recycled into many new products and can be a replacement for the traditional hollow blocks.

The project is in pursuance to the launching of its program dubbed as the “School of Hope Project”, a proposed pre-school building to be built in Sitio Libawan, Kayapa Proper West, Kayapa, Nueva Vizcaya to help make education more accessible to the natives of the community of which the Provincial Government is invited to be its partner in the 55K Bottle Challenge by gathering C2 355 ml bottles to be used in building the said classroom.

On the other hand, the real challenge is that at least 7,000 PET C2 355ml bottles should be collected and in return, a portion of the classroom wall will be named or credited to the Province of Nueva Vizcaya.

Gene Basilio, founder of Nueva Vizcaya Mountaineering Society, Inc. raised a concern regarding the said project. “This is a very noble project. However, it seems to be limited to a single product to be purchased. If that is the case, we should request for a counterpart from the manufacturer. If not, then the proponents should require only a uniform size of PET bottles and not a specific product, ” Basilio said.

Helen Vallejos, one of the founders of the Akyat group, said they are not actually endorsing a certain product. Coincidentally, only the C2 brand has the actual size of a 355ml PET bottle which is a requirement for the classroom building project. The group started to utilize the said bottle which are laid horizontally; their length is proportioned and is standardized for the ideal thickness of the structure’s walls.

Hence, the Provincial Administrator’s Office headed by Maybelle Blossom Dumlao-Sevillena found the challenge not only attainable but saw the intention of the project very noble. With the help and support of all officials and employees towards the achievement of the project’s goal, the respective Administrative Officers of all departments are directed to come up with a scheme, so that drinks to be served in each respective activities must be C2 355ml, emptied bottles of which will be collected after use and to be submitted to the PA’s office. #GP