SN Aboitiz aides Nutrition Scholars - Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines
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SN Aboitiz aides Nutrition Scholars

By on September 13, 2017


The Provincial Government, through the Nutrition Division of the Office of the Governor, collaborates with SN Aboitiz Power-Magat, Inc. for the livelihood and training of the Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) Team in the fifteen municipalities of the province.

SN Aboitiz will be giving P600,000.00 for the livelihood projects of the 15 municipal federations after a refresher training for the enhancement of IYCF Team been conducted. The IYCF Team; which is composed mostly of Barangay Nutrition Scholars, Health Workers, midwives and mother leaders; is set to start the training on October and November at the Nueva Vizcaya State University, Bayombong.

The PLGU, headed by Governor Carlos M. Padilla, will give P100,000.00 for the organizational management structure development of the IYCF Team, and P300,000.00 for training and capacity building from the Department of Health-Center for Health Development.

The project aims to enhance capability in terms of knowledge, awareness, technical and management skills of target implementers, clienteles, and other volunteers on health and nutrition. This will provide greater access to alternative choices in decision making to improve practices on healthy lifestyle, utilization of functional foods available in the community, as well as fortification of foods to be used in supplementary and complimentary feeding programs of target groups.

It is noted that there is a significant improvement in the nutritional status of preschool and school children through the combined efforts of the government agencies and private organizations. The numerous awards (Green Banner and CROWN) accorded to the province and several municipalities are indicators of good collaboration to support the program.

The Provincial Nutrition Council-Technical Working Group (PNC-TWG) however, is wary of the fact that some parts of the province, is still in dearth need of support from LGUs health and nutrition services. These are the deprived areas such as the municipalities of Ambaguio, Kasibu, Kayapa, Alfonso Castañeda, Dupax del Norte and Dupax del Sur. #bg