Provincial ManCom meeting identifies concerns - Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines
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Provincial ManCom meeting identifies concerns

By on August 9, 2017

It was learned during the 2nd Quarter Management Committee meeting on August 8 & 9 at the Nueva Vizcaya Pasalubong Center that the common problem of the different offices in the Provincial Government is about personnel. Some needs additional manpower, some are about to retire, and some are not quite efficient and effective.

As of July 31, the PLGU has 2,319 employees. 951 of which are permanent and casual employees. Governor Carlos M. Padilla ordered the Heads of Offices to start giving requests for the vacant and funded positions and for the Personnel Selection and Promotion Board (PSPB) to take action to. It is a question from the Civil Service Commission (CSC) why the PLGU are hiring Casuals when there are vacant and funded positions. The PSPB were also given authority to repost all the previously screened positions nullified due to the absence of a second level representative of the board.

The Heads of Offices have mixed reactions regarding the “aging” personnel. Some would like them to retire now as they have become ineffective and inefficient, but the other Heads would still want some of the seniors as they are experts and experienced.

Dr. Ma. Lucia Carla Torralba, PHRM Officer, told the Heads to be honest in rating the Individual Performance Commitment and Review (IPCR) of the employees for them to know who would stay or who would go.

Torralba also warned that the crafting of the AIP must be given proper attention as it serves as a basis for Office Performance Commitment and Review (OPCR). “Late submission of OPCR is subject for the disqualification of the 13th month pay,” Torralba said.

In some reports of the different offices, all the hospitals managed by the PLGU need additional Medical Technologists. Dialyses at NVPH are increasing. The province is free from Zika Virus but is positive with Dengue and Japanese Encephalitis.

The Governor tasked the PGSO and Waterworks to work together for the improvement of the water system at the Capitol. Padilla also requested the PDRRMO to have agreements with one supermarket in the South district and one in the North to get immediate supplies for emergency purposes. The PDRRMO should be keeping petty cash for use whenever disaster and calamity strikes the province.

The Lower Magat Ecotourism (LMET) Park collected P3 million from 23,000 visitors which doubled the targeted visitor arrivals. The Provincial Engineering Office has 16 tourism projects in the province. The Tourism Office is required to upgrade the trainings of the tourism staff and guides.

The Governor brought out his frustration regarding the archiving at the PLGU, that important documents needed could not be easily located. Padilla ordered the PGSO to make a centralized archive of the PLGU which is very important and helpful in the future years. #bg