Vizcaya’s teenage pregnancy still 3rd in the Region - Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines
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Vizcaya’s teenage pregnancy still 3rd in the Region

By on April 7, 2017

In a report of the Commission on Population (PopCom) Region 2 Director Angelito S. Obcena last Tuesday (March 14) at Nueva Vizcaya Pasalubong Center in Bayombong, the province of Nueva Vizcaya according to their latest Young Adult and Sexuality (YAFS) survey and study is still on its position as third in the region with regards to teenage pregnancy.

Obcena said, “The data is based from collected information from municipal population officers who gathered data from rural health units in their respective areas and it can change because data from your private clinics and hospital are not yet included.”

From 2011 to 2016 survey, the number of teenage pregnancies in the province of Isabela has 24, 331 making them on top, followed by Cagayan with a total of 17, 461 and Nueva Vizcaya with a total of 6, 047.

In municipal level, the municipality of Bambang has the very alarming increase of teenage pregnancy because from 88 teenage pregnancy in the year 2015 only, it roses to 142. The same with the municipality of Aritao, Alfonso Castaǹeda, Dupax del Sur and Sta. Fe which also increased while other municipality decreased.

For the region, the municipality of Bayombong is number 10 and Solano is number 14 among the top 20 LGUs with high number of teenage pregnancy cases for 2011 to 2015.

There are also some consequences stated by Obcena with teenage pregnancy which are high risk in pregnancy, more likely not to pursue their studies, victims of domestic violence, give birth to low weight babies, and the worst is abortion and suicide.

The PopCom also reported some of their current and proposed interventions to address teenage pregnancy.

Provincial Population Officer Elvira Tongson, together with municipal population officers, provincial and municipal implementation teams, expressed their gratitude and appreciation to the PopCom Region 2 for conducting the meeting because they were able to gather and were also updated on various population-related information and to Governor Carlos M. Padilla for his pronouncement of support for the programs of PopCom to stop teenage pregnancy in the province. #mccd

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