Kasibu people are not worth Oceana Gold money, Padilla says - Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines
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Kasibu people are not worth Oceana Gold money, Padilla says

By on September 6, 2016


“We will not be dependent on mining but on other industries,” said Governor Carlos M. Padilla in a dialogue between pro-mining and anti-mining groups yesterday (September 5) held at the Nueva Vizcaya Pasalubong Center.

Governor Padilla remained firm on his stand that the province of Nueva Vizcaya can survive without the mining industry. The Governor explained that the provincial government is doing all efforts in strengthening and enhancing the tourism and agricultural industry which is evident in the immense infrastructure and road developments.

“Tourism can give more benefit than mining and agriculture can last for a thousand years but mining can only last for 25 years,” added Governor Padilla.

According to Provincial Planning and Development Officer (PPDO), Engr. Edgardo Sabado, the provincial government is designing the developmental framework of the province in which one of its content is to support and provide alternatives for the constituents affected and benefited by mining in the province.

Governor Padilla believes that the provincial government should have development plans for all sectors that have a long-term effect on its constituents.

“The benefits we get from mining are only temporary,” said Governor Padilla.

Unpaid taxes of the OceanaGold Philippines, Incorporated (OGPI) that ballooned to almost P130 million was also brought up during the dialogue but Governor Padilla said that it is not the main objective of the move to stop the mining industry in the province.

“The lives of people in Kasibu are not worth the money OGPI owes to the province,” emphasized Governor Padilla.

Issues on boundary dispute between the province of Quirino and Nueva Vizcaya was also raised but Governor Padilla cleared that there is no boundary dispute – Kasibu belongs to the province of Nueva Vizcaya. #krizel