Vice Governor Galima thankful for successful 2015 Ammungan Festival - Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines
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Vice Governor Galima thankful for successful 2015 Ammungan Festival

By on June 9, 2015

Bayombong (May29) Vice Governor Epifanio Lambert D. Galima, Jr. extended thanks and gratitude to members of the working committees of this year’s Grand Ammungan. The act was made following messages conveying congratulations and appreciations for a successful celebration.

The Vice Governor who was also Director General of the week-long celebration was applauded for his efforts to rediscover and relive the culture and tradition of the province. Atty. Flaviano D. Balgos, Jr., Mayor of the Bambang town, showed optimism that “the vision of strengthening the culture of Nueva Vizcaya will continue to find its way as what had been started by Vice Governor Galima.”

During a post-evaluation meeting, Galima expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all members of the different working committees. He also was thankful for the unity, camaraderie and oneness exemplified by all local government units in support to all the programs, activities and events to which their participation were solicited.

“I am very much grateful for making this celebration a victory for us all. I, for one, know that without the help and dedication of each and everyone this would not be successful. Agyamanak iti amin nga ayat ken tulong nga inted yu kaniak tapnu laeng maaramat tayo iti napintas nga intay panag-celebrate iti 2015 Grand Ammungan. Although there were many issues that surrounded us, you were there and as one, we made it possible. It was a success because all were there willing to do their job and do what needs to be done. To this, I say thank you,” Vice Governor Galima ended. #jeremy