VG Galima, BM Balgos call for participatory governance - Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines
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VG Galima, BM Balgos call for participatory governance

By on June 9, 2015

Bambang –Vice Governor Epifanio Lambert D. Galima, Jr. and Board Member Pepito D. Balgos both called for participatory governance and consultative leadership. It was called for during an outreach program held at Barangay Salinas, in the province’s agriculture-basket municipality.

In a campaign to increase local community participation, Vice Governor Galima and Board Member Balgos initiated a “meeting sa barangay” following calls from barangay leaders and village chieftains. According to Board Member Balgos, “napintas daytoy nga pagrugyanan gamin maysa daytoy nga programa nga agserbi nga rangtay tapnu maiyasideg iti kakabsat tayo nga bumarangay iti kapanunutan da tapnu pumartak iti panagdur-as iti ay-ayaten tayo nga bumarangay.”

Meanwhile, Vice Governor Galima explained the importance of participatory governance saying: “We cannot realize growth and development if we do not include our people in the decision-making process. Whether we admit it or not, our barangay leaders are the ones knowledgeable of the immediate needs of our locality.

Hence, isuda iti mangidanun kadakami idiay kapitolyo iti proyekto wenno pangimbagan nga kayat da nga iprioritIze tapnu kasdiay ket maikkan iti budget daguiti proyekto nga kasapulan da nga talaga.”

During the outreach program, around a hundred elementary pupils were served with noodles and porridge with boiled eggs alongside pandesal. Meanwhile, a total of 73 local residents got a new look, specially students in preparation to the start of classes the following day. #jeremy